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HALO Happenings: What's New

Donate Now

Letter from Heather 

Dear Friends:


It seems like every year spring comes earlier and earlier. For those of us in animal welfare, we know that this means new litters will be born earlier too. Every spring we see an onslaught of kittens and puppies in the shelter. At HALO, our goal is to find homes for all the pets who come our way and also spread the word about spaying and neutering. Every pet who leaves HALO is sterilized before they go home to help reduce pet-overpopulation and help reduce the number of animals who are euthanized because they don’t have a home. Please help us spread the word.


To help more pets get homes this spring, we’re taking part in two important events this month. The first is our own version of March Madness, which will give you the chance to adopt one of our adorable Chihuahuas at a discounted adoption fee between March 13-15. We are also participating in the PACC 911 Paws Around the Fountain Event in Fountain Hills on Sunday, March 29.


As we gear up for spring, don’t forget that one of the quickest ways that you can help pets is by donating to HALO. HALO is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) organization, and we receive no federal funding for the work we do. By becoming part of our Angel Club, you can donate whatever you can afford on a monthly basis and help pets in need. You can also donate your time by becoming a volunteer at any of our adoption locations or our Thrift Boutique. Just sign up online or give us a call for more information.

Heather Allen

President and CEO

HALO Animal Rescue

Kitten Season!

Spring is just around the corner, and with the flowers and warmer weather come KITTENS! This is an especially busy time for any shelter, and you can help. Not only will there be lots and lots of kittens (and their moms) looking for new homes, but you can also become a kitten and cat foster volunteer, help out as a Kitty Cuddler at any of our PetSmart or Petco store locations and donate.


Donations help us because HALO receives NO federal funding. That means that when we have an increase in pets, we don’t have a matching increase in funds to care for them. Because HALO spays/neuters, microchips and vaccinates all pets who come into our shelter, we incur a cost of approximately $320 for each pet. This doesn’t include all the pets who need additional medical care or any of the general care costs we pay while a pet waits for his or her forever home.


By making a tax-deductible donation to HALO, you can help us offset these costs and continue to save even more lives. You can donate online or call 602.971.9222 to make a donation. You can also sponsor a pet’s adoption fees, donate towels, blankets, newspaper or sheets or even come down and donate your time as a volunteer!


Three kittens waiting for a home.


March Madness

On March 13-15, HALO will be celebrating March Madness  by offering special adoption fees on all Chihuahuas over a year old. Plus, the first 60 adopters will get a free basketball toy. It’s a great time of year to save a life, although we can’t think of any time of year when it’s NOT a great time! Stop by any of our three main adoption locations during March Madness to adopt.
  • Main Shelter
    2500 W. 27th Avenue
  • Metro Mall Adoption Center
    9617 N. Metro Parkway
  • PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center
    2901 W. Agua Fria Freeway


Emmie is one of our great March Madness pups!

Paws Around the Fountain

On Sunday, March 29, HALO Animal Rescue will be participating in the PACC 911 & Paws Around the Fountain pet adopt-a-thon in Fountain Hills. The event will be held between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and will feature dogs of all sizes who are looking for a furever home. It’s a great chance to find a new best friend. Check our website for more information as we get closer to the event, and let us know if you’d like to volunteer to help out!



HALO Animal Rescue

2500 S. 27th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85009




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