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HALO Happenings: Adopt a Shelter Pet

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Letter from Heather 

Dear Friends:


Another important national celebration day is coming up! On April 30, please join us in celebrating National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! We know it’s not a federal holiday, but it’s such a great day for us since every day we see so many cats and dogs finding a family. The best part of our job, by far, is seeing that wagging tail head out the door. So whether you are celebrating with your current shelter pet at home or thinking of finding a new fur friend, please take some time on April 30 to celebrate all the happy stories we can be part of.


As we’ve been talking about for a couple weeks, it’s definitely kitten season. We’ve had dozens of kittens who need bottle feeding come in to the shelter over the last couple weeks, and we work hard to find these little kittens a loving foster home until they are weaned and able to go to a forever family. However, lots of these tiny kittens come in from well-meaning people who find an “abandoned” litter with no mom cat in sight and bring them to the shelter. Most of the time, these kittens aren’t abandoned; they’re just alone while mom goes looking for food. Please, if you see kittens near your home or work, monitor the situation for several hours before removing the kittens. You could be saving their lives.


As spring moves into full swing and more kittens and puppies arrive, we find ourselves short on foster parents. If you are able to foster puppies or kittens, with or without a mom, we need you! A foster home is the best place for such young pets where they can grow up strong and healthy. We also need donations of kitten and puppy formula and bottles to keep these little ones thriving until they are old enough to go home. Whatever way you can help; it all makes a difference!


We’re on our last two weeks of our April Showers special, and all pets over one year old have $30 off their adoption fees. In combination with the National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, it seems like a great time to consider adding a pet to your family!

Heather Allen

President and CEO

HALO Animal Rescue


So You Found Some Kittens...

With spring fully in season, we have been getting a lot of litters of kittens in at the main shelter. Sometimes, these kittens come in with their mother and just need to find a warm, safe place until they are old enough to be weaned and then get adopted (mom too!). But sometimes, litters of kittens are dropped off with no mom, and that is a cause for concern. These kittens are sometimes so small that their eyes aren’t open, and sometimes they even have umbilical cords attached. We know these kittens are probably just a few hours to a few days old.


If you find a litter of kittens, and no mom is in sight, please leave them where they are! Mom is probably out foraging for food, and when she comes back, she will take care of them. You can keep an eye on the litter to see if mom is returning and feeding them, but make sure you are out of the way and not preventing her from finding her babies. For more information, visit our coalition partner, Fix.Adopt.Save and take the time to make sure you are really “saving” the kittens.


To help us care for these bottle babies, donations of kitten formula are always appreciated. We love Merrick’s All Star Multi-Species Milk Replacer. You can get it online here if you want to help!

Two bottle babies resting with their litter mates.

Events and Specials

This weekend, April 25 and 26, HALO will be part of the Tour for Life adoption event at the Deer Valley PetSmart parking lot. Tour for Life is part of North Shore Animal League, the world’s largest lifesaving mobile pet adoption rescue and adoption organization. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, Arizona Humane Society, Fix.Adopt.Save and PetSmart Charities will all be attending the event, which will feature adoptable pets, food vendors and lots of great information.


This event is part of a tour of the United States for Tour for Life, which will be visiting 37 cities and 26 states between March and mid-May in an effort to bring awareness to shelter pets and adoptable animals in their care. Stop by on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. or Sunday from 12-4 p.m. to find a new family member and learn how you can save a life!


There are still two more weeks left in our April Showers adoption special. All April long, every pet over a year old will have $30 taken off their adoption fees at any of our three adoption locations (Metro Mall, PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center and the main shelter). This special will also apply during the Tour for Life event!



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