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2015 April Newsletter






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Arizona News

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Allied Member Directory


Dear Pest Control Industry Professionals,


The Great Western Conference is behind us and by all accounts it was a huge success. The speaker line up was simply unsurpassed. Please don’t take our word for it read on:


This in from Richard Williams – Regional Account Manager – Terminix Commercial:


     "I just wanted to say, WOW! The AZPPO Great Western Conference was by far the “BEST” Pest Control Conference that I have ever attended in the 10 years I have been in the industry! Anyone who was not in attendance is at a “HUGE” disadvantage to those who were lucky enough to attend. Mr. Paul Bello, Dr. Gold, Ms. Getty and Dr. Frishman are true educators; they made learning both enjoyable and entertaining. Thank you, AZPPO!”


And this from Dr. Gail Getty, one of our featured speakers:


     “This is the first time I have written a formal letter to comment on a conference event. I, for one, benefited enormously from your speaker line up. I found myself wanting to sit in on all the speakers due to their incredible reputation. This program was very well run, the food, rooms, and amenities were well thought out. The dedication of AZPPO board members was clear and inviting for all.”


The Conference was held March 29th, 30th and 31st at the Carefree Resort and Conference Center in beautiful Carefree, Arizona. The air was filled with spring and a perfect temperature in the mid 80’s.


Opening night began with The Managers and Owners mixer and included vendors who supported this two day event. The night contained the right ingredients, good company and good times. This was a first for AZPPO, having done an annual one day event, The Board of Directors really wanted to tick it up a notch in Arizona, moving the one day event to two days with a reception held the night before. By all accounts the Board achieved what they set out to do, that is raising the bar in Arizona, promoting professionalism and projecting it through a solid educational conference experience.


During the mixer, Kevin M Etheridge – AzPPO President – thanked all vendors for supporting this event and sharing in the vision for the Arizona Pest Professional Organization. He went on to list the many accomplishments the Board has achieved this year, including a new dues structure, bylaw amendments for the establishment of “Chapters” and most recently the support of a legislative rules package that was signed by the Governor. This package is projected to save the industry in Arizona over $500,000.00 annually in fees. A huge win for the industry! Etheridge went on to thank the Conference Committee and its Chairman Bob Wagner for a fantastic job. The night was casual and everyone was free to build relationships and create new friendships.


The education component opened with Dr. Austin Frishman and did not end there. Mr. Paul Bello, Dr. Gail Getty and Dr. Roger Gold held true to the overall goal. They “kicked” it up several notches and were engaging and informative. The unique way these speakers present information is a credit to their ability to educate. Other speakers who did a fantastic job contributing included, Sylvia Kenmuir, Allie Taisey and Erin Monteagudo.


This conference had the momentum to be a great regional event. What more could you ask for, a good venue, the last weekend of Spring Training and wonderful speakers. AzPPO’s vision for a regional event elevated itself to a National-Class event on a very local level.


AzPPO wishes to extend a very warm and heartfelt “thank you” to all who attended. See you next year…


AzPPO the Voice of Industry


Information and registration HERE.

Arizona News

Governor Doug Ducey announced the appointment of Mark Killian as director of the Arizona Department of Agriculture.


Mr. Killian has been a member of the Arizona Board of Regents since 2010, currently serving as chairman and previously as vice chairman and treasurer. Prior to joining ABOR, he was director of the Arizona Department of Revenue and served for 14 years in the Arizona State Legislature, including as Speaker of the House and House Majority Leader.


Mr. Killian also has decades of private sector experience. He is a licensed commercial real estate broker of more than 32 years specializing in the management of commercial real estate. He also is involved in family farming and ranching enterprises, overseeing the stewardship of 1,700 acres of farmland in Arizona, and is the current chairman of the Green Reservoir Flood Control district and the Santa Cruz River Alliance.


Mr. Killian earned his Bachelor's Degree in business administration with a specialization of real estate and urban planning from Arizona State University in 1981.


Industry News


Methyl Bromide Incident: Overview and Talking Points

NPMA released the following information in regards to a Methyl Bromide incident that occurred in the US Virgin Islands. Below is the background information and a link to NPMA’s statement and industry talking points:


According to published reports, in March 2015 a Delaware family was admitted to the hospital after becoming ill while on vacation at a rental property in the U.S. Virgin Islands (U.S.V.I). They were airlifted to the United States mainland for continued treatment. The mother has been released and the father and two teenage sons remain in critical condition. The family may have been exposed to methyl bromide that was allegedly used to fumigate a residential unit below the one in which they were staying. The property manager has indicated that they had recently contracted the services of a pest management company to treat for bugs in that unit. The United States Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Department of Justice, and U.S.V.I Department of Planning and Natural Resources are investigating.


Click here to view NPMA’s statement and industry talking points.


NPMA on Capitol Hill

On Monday April 6, 2015 NPMA staff met with several Congressional offices to discuss looming action by the executive branch concerning pollinator protection policy. Offices met with included key members on the House Agriculture Committee, House Agriculture Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture and Research, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture and the House Committee on Natural Resources. Due to successful NPMA member visits during the 2015 Legislative day, many of the offices met with were already well informed of our relevant issues. NPMA is continuously building relationships on Capitol Hill and is confident that we have several allies on pending pollinator policy.


If you have not done so already, please send any notes concerning meetings with Congressional offices on Legislative Day 2015, and or any other times you interact with Congressional offices in your home district to abray@pestworld.org. Your contact is an invaluable tool, that NPMA staff will follow-up on to build relationships and industry allies on the Hill.


New Online ACE Exam Prep Track Unveiled

For many pest management professionals, self-study doesn't come as easy as it did back in school. With that in mind, NPMA has developed an ACE Exam Prep Track to help you prepare for the rigorous ACE exam offered by the Entomological Society of America. This course provides you with a variety of on-demand resources that will aid in your preparatory efforts. This training is available on NPMA’s Online Learning Center and includes:

  • An overview of the new ACE exam
  • A comprehensive resource and study guide • Currently over 8 hours of training, with new content added as it’s developed
  • A weekly directed study schedule to keep you on track
  • A full-length practice exam
To begin, log-on to the NPMA Online Learning Center and register for the ACE Exam Prep Track. This training is $99.95 for members.

Upcoming Events



May 13 AZPPO Board Meeting


May 14  AZPPO Monthly Membership Meeting Tucson INFO

May 29th 3rd Annual Bugs 'N Balls Golf Tournament, benefiting the Industry Defense Fund  INFO


June 10 AZPPO Board Meeting


June 11  AZPPO Monthly Membership Meeting Tucson 


June 29-30 Bedbug Central 


July 8 AZPPO Board Meeting


July 9 AZPPO Annual Meeting


October 20-23 Pestworld Nashville

Allied Member Directory

The following companies provide support to the industry and are members of AZPPO. 


Affordable GPS Tracking Victor Krstec: 623-328-8906; victor@agps1.com

Allergry Technologies Joseph Latino: 215-654-0880; service@allergytechnologies.com

AP& G Jackie Bell: 480-760-5874; jbell@catchmasterpro.com

Arizona Spray Equipment Samuel Andrus: 623-842-4000; sandurs@azspray.com


B&G Equipment Company John Cotton: 714-319-4422; jcotton@bgeuip.com


BASF Pest Control Solutions Ronnie Holder: 713-294-7628; ronald.holder@basf.com

Bayer Environmental Dave Braness: 408-205-8917; david.braness@bayer.com

Bell Laboratories, Inc. Jeremy Davis: 574-361-5058; jdavis@belllabs.com

Business Broker T.J. Hammer T.J. Hammer: 480-540-5005; Tjhammers@aol.com


Chemtech Supplies, Inc. Jack McClure: 480-833-7578; jack@chemtechsupply.com

Control Solutions, Inc. (CSI) Rob Ives: 713-203-4058; rives@ControlSolutions.com Allison Muggli: 281-892-2500; amuggli@controlsolutionsinc.com

CrimShield, Inc. Dave Pickron: 888-422-2547; dave@crimsheild.com Scot Aubrey: 888-422-2547; scot@crimshield.com


Dow AgroSciences Les Johnson: 480-759-9120; lljohnson2@dow.com

Earnhardt Auto Group Jim McGuire: 480-763-6133; jmac@earnhardt.com

Fleetmatics Chris Daywalt: 623-241-9531; chris.daywalt@fleetmatics.com

FMC Professional Solutions David Torska: 480-330-0383 ; david.torska@fmc.com Dean Johnson: 951-595-5829; dean.k.johnson@fmc.com

Gervase Law Firm, PLLC Lisa Gervase: 480-515-4801; lgervase@gervaselaw.com

Helena Chemical Rob Deacon: 602-278-0143; deaconr@helenachemical.com

J.T. Eaton Co., Inc. James Rodriguez: 800-321-3421; james@jteaton.com

Leavitt Group/Farmer Woods Group Insurance Scott Fanning: 607-677-1166; scott-fanning@leavitt.com

Metro Institute Michael Means: 602-452-2901; mike@metroinstitute.com

MGK Matt Kenney: 800-352-5548; matt.kenney@mgk.com

Michael S. Herrmann Insurance Agency, Inc. Mike Herrmann: 480-731-6600; mike@mikeherrmann.net

PestWest Environmental Scott Baldwin : 480-747-2688; info@pestwest.com

Quality Equipment & Spray Andrew Greess: 602-371-1993; andrew@qspray.com

Syngenta Professional Nick Grisafe: 909-353-5907; nick.grisafe@syngenta.com

Target Specialty Products Kurt Smith: 480-517-0755; kurt.smith@target-specialty.com
Salena Rafferty: salena.rafferty@target-specialty.com, Ruth Leo: ruth.leo@target-specialty.com

Turf & Pest Supplies Dave Crandell: 602-369-6137; dgcrandell@yahoo.com

Univar USA Inc. Ed Conboy: 520-747-8717; Ed.Conboy@univarusa.com Christy Davie: 480-894-5323; christy.davie@univarusa.com  Carlos Montejano: 602-3174-1187; Carlos.Montejano@univarusa.com


Weisburger Insurance Brokerage Gary Shapiro: 800-431-2794; info@weisburger.com


AzPPO PO Box 13116, Phoenix, AZ 85002  |  azppo@azcapitolconsulting.com  | 602-343-6277

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