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2015 November Newsletter






Inside this issue:

2016 Conference


Industry News


Upcoming Events


Allied Member Directory



Hard to believe the holiday season is upon us. It is a busy time for everyone, however, your Association continues to march along working on issues and activities that affect and/or benefit your bottom line. 


We recently held a fun bowling event which raised over $1500 for the Ronald McDonald House and $175 for the Jack Root Scholarship Fund. Thanks to all who attended and sponsored!

  • APG
  • BASF
  • Bayer
  • Blue Sky Pest Control
  • Contractor's Termite & Pest
  • DOW
  • FMC
  • MGK
  • Mike Herrmann - Farmer's Insurance
  • Modern Methods
  • Mike's Swat Team
  • Pelsis
  • Sci-Pro Pest Eliminating
  • Sexton Pest Control
  • Target Specialty Products
  • Teco Solutions
  • Turf & Pest Supply
  • Univar


The legislative committee is moving forward to pursue legislation that will crack down on unlicensed activity. Your support with those efforts is greatly appreciated. If you have some concerns, be sure to contact us at azppo@azcapitolconsulting.com.  


Defense of our Industry is of utmost importance - please consider making a contribution to assist us with our lobbying and legislative efforts. Click HERE for more information.


Information and Registration is now available for the 2016 Great Western Conference. See more below or on our website at http://azppo.org/Conference 


And as always, don't forget the valuable membership benefits you receive from AZPPO and NPMA through your joint membership. If you haven't joined, or have let your membership lapse, please join or renew today! Visit www.azppo.org to enroll.


AZPPO Benefit Spotlight:


To find out how to save on your fleet vehicle services, sign in to your profile at www.azppo.org.


For more information about AZPPO member benefits, click here.
For more information about NPMA member benefits, click here.


AzPPO the Voice of Industry

Register Today!


Visit our website for registration and details HERE.


Be Sure To Visit and Like Our New Facebook Page 




Industry News

Urge Congress to Stop Drastic Overtime Changes Proposed by the Department of Labor 

Act now and join those voicing concerns with the Department of Labor's (DOL) dramatic overtime proposal that could cost jobs and decrease room for advancement in workplaces across the country.


With 2016 rapidly approaching and a final rule imminent, now is the time for Congress to stop the DOL's proposed overtime rule. This is the time to activate our grassroots network of pest management professionals throughout the nation and let our voice be heard.


Without action, the minimum threshold for salaried and hourly workers eligible for overtime will raise to $50,440 annually ($970) per week. This means that ANY EMPLOYEE earning less than the new threshold will be eligible for overtime.


Join thousands of Americans and send a letter to your elected officials in Congress asking them to stop DOL's unworkable proposed overtime rule. By just making a few quick clicks and sending the pre-written email to your elected official, we can make a difference and bring this issue to the forefront.


Click the link below to log in and send your message:




As a member benefit, NPMA members may contact Seay Management Consultants with any questions related to this issue. Sandy Seay and his associates are very familiar with the pest management industry, having represented and advised pest management companies for nearly 50 years. For more information about Seay Management Consultants, click here. To contact Sandy Seay, call 407-426-9484 or email sandy@seay.us.


EPA Certification and Training Rule Comment Period Extended

EPA will grant an extension to the public comment period on the proposed changes to the certification rule. Comments must be submitted no later than Dec. 23, 2015. NPMA submitted a formal extension request, and lead the Pesticide Policy Coalition (PPC) in submitting a formal request on behalf of the entire pesticide industry. This additional time will enable NPMA to continue to work with members, state regulators and industry allies to provide thoughtful comments and critiques of the proposed rule.



Upcoming Events

Click on a date below for more information

November 30 Certification Training - CORE and Industrial & Institutional  MUST REGISTER BY 11/25  


December 10 Monthly Meeting in Tucson


December 29 Certification Training - CORE and Industrial & Institutional


December 30 Certification Training - Wood Destroying Organisms and Ornamental & Turf 


January 15-17, 2016 NPMA Wildlife Summit


March 28-20, 2016 AZPPO Great Western Conference


May 27, 2016 4th Annual Bugs 'N Balls Golf Tournament 


See our website for more information www.azzpo.org

Allied Member Directory

The following companies provide support to the industry and are members of AZPPO. 


ADAPCO Gale Jirik gjirik@myadapco.com


Affordable GPS Tracking Victor Krstec: 623-328-8906 victor@agps1.com


Allergry Technologies Patty Maslowski: 215-654-0880; service@allergytechnologies.com


AP&G Jackie Bell: 480-760-5874 jbell@catchmasterpro.com 


Arizona Spray Equipment Samuel Andrus: 623-847-5604; critter@azspray


B&G Equipment Company John Cotton: 714-319-4422; jcotton@bgeuip.com


BASF Pest Control Solutions Ronnie Holder: 713-294-7628; ronald.holder@basf.com

Bayer Environmental Dave Braness: 408-205-8917; david.braness@bayer.com

Bell Laboratories, Inc. Jeremy Davis: 574-361-5058; jdavis@belllabs.com

Bird Barrier Andy Srejic andy.srejic@birdbarrier.com


Bird X Josh Peirce josh@bird-x.com


Bird-B-Gone, Inc Mike Dougherty mike@birdbgone.com


Business Broker T.J. Hammer T.J. Hammer: 480-540-5005; Tjhammers@aol.com


Chemtech Supplies, Inc. Jack McClure: 480-833-7578; jack@chemtechsupply.com

Cintas Ana Baus bausa@cintas.com


Dow AgroSciences Les Johnson: 480-759-9120; lljohnson2@dow.com


Earnhardt Auto Group Jim McGuire: 480-763-6133; jmac@earnhardt.com


FMC Professional Solutions David Torska: 480-330-0383 ; david.torska@fmc.com Dean Johnson: 951-595-5829; dean.k.johnson@fmc.com

Gervase Law Firm, PLLC Lisa Gervase: 480-515-4801; lgervase@gervaselaw.com 

J.T. Eaton Co., Inc. James Rodriguez: 800-321-3421; james@jteaton.com

Kness Mike Goza  mike@kness.com


Marathon Data Systems Danielle Panichi events@marathondata.com


Mattress Safe Gary Brooks gary@mattresssafe.com


Metro Institute Michael Means: 602-452-2901; mike@metroinstitute.com

MGK Matt Kenney: 559.232.8696; matt.kenney@mgk.com


Michael S. Herrmann Insurance Agency, Inc. Mike Herrmann: 480-731-6600; mike@mikeherrmann.net

Mobile Training Solutions Linda Harrington linda@mobiletrainingsolutions.net


Modern Methods Art Guzman guzzer60@gmail.com


Pestmate David Frost david.frost@enexolutions.com  


PestWest Environmental Scott Baldwin : 480-747-2688; info@pestwest.com

Quality Equipment & Spray Andrew Greess: 602-371-1993; andrew@qspray.com

RC Auto Robert Ross: 623-434-1100; bob@meandmyrc.com


SW Cage Ed Schintler southwestcage@yahoo.com


Syngenta Professional Nick Grisafe: 909-353-5907; nick.grisafe@syngenta.com

Target Specialty Products Kurt Smith: 480-517-0755; kurt.smith@target-specialty.com
Salena Rafferty: salena.rafferty@target-specialty.com, Ruth Leo: ruth.leo@target-specialty.com

Turf & Pest Supply David Crandell: 602-369-6137 dave@turfandpest.com


Tx3 Tech LLC Jason Clow jasonclow@tx3tech.com


Univar USA Inc. Ed Conboy: 520-747-8717; Ed.Conboy@univarusa.com Christy Davie: 480-894-5323; christy.davie@univarusa.com  Carlos Montejano: 602-3174-1187; Carlos.Montejano@univarusa.com


Weisburger Insurance Brokerage Gary Shapiro: 800-431-2794; info@weisburger.com


AzPPO PO Box 13116, Phoenix, AZ 85002  |  azppo@azcapitolconsulting.com  | 602-343-6277

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