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Israel seeks to let general practitioners prescribe cannabis

Israel could be just six months away from allowing general practitioners to prescribe cannabis, Health Minister Yaakov Litzman said Wednesday. 

Litzman is leading a reform of the Health Ministry’s medical cannabis policy that seeks to devolve the authority to prescribe the drug from the ministry’s centralized medical cannabis unit to the nation’s 23,000 doctors, a move that would dramatically ease access to the drug.

“If the reform, which is expected to go into effect within a few weeks, moves ahead without problems, I’ll allow practicing doctors to give cannabis prescriptions to their patients in keeping with Health Ministry regulations,” Litzman, of the United Torah Judaism party, told a joint session of the Knesset Health Committee and the Knesset Committee on Controlled Substances Wednesday morning. [read more]

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I Went To An NY Medical Cannabis Dispensary, And I Couldn’t Get Weed  - A. Svokos

 I admit I was giggly in the days leading up to my visit to Vireo Health in White Plains, NY — one of New York state’s first medical cannabis dispensaries.

I bragged to my friends I was going and was repeatedly asked if I could bring back some weed.

And, yeah, it was pretty funny to tell my dear, sweet, shocked mother, who made me clarify several times it’s just for work.

But in reality, medical marijuana dispensaries — in New York, anyway — are no laughing matter.

New York passed a law in 2014 to make medical marijuana legal, under stipulations. Unlike in, say, Los Angeles, the use of marijuana in New York is regulated strictly.

The law was passed in part thanks to Oliver Miller, a then-14-year-old with a brainstem injury that caused hundreds of seizures daily, as Elite Daily reported.


  Smoking on the Clock: Colorado Companies Permit Cannabis Smoke Breaks – Denver, Colorado-based cannabis seed-to-sale company, Flowhub, is officially redefining the smoke break. Companies in Colorado are not only allowing cannabis smoking at work, they’re encouraging it. Flowhub’s founders say that cannabis increases creative productivity.

The Mile High City is miles ahead when it comes to progressive work policies.

A year ago, Kyle Sherman and Chase Wiseman co-founded Flowhub, and they’ve always embraced cannabis in all areas of their business. “Our philosophy at Flowhub is to get s*** done,” Sherman told CNN. “If it helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work.”

Changing Perspectives: A Q&A With Vermont's Cannabis-Friendly Former Lawman – Vermont may soon become the first state to legalize cannabis through legislative process instead of voter initiative. Earlier this month Gov. Peter Shumlin unveiled a plan to legalize, tax and regulate cannabis for recreational use.
Soon after Shumlin’s announcement, an unexpected supporter lined up behind the governor’s proposal. Kimberly Cheney, a Republican who served as state attorney general from 1973 to 1975, revealed that he would star in a series of ads for the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana, the legalization advocacy group. A regulated system, Cheney said, would mean quality assurance, limited access, and a safer Vermont. 
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