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HALO Happenings: What a Month!

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Letter from Heather 

Dear Friends:


Thank you to all of you who helped make HALO’s birthday special. The adoption event and clinic went very well, but the best part was being able to save more lives and get so much support from our community. Our goal was to help pets celebrate their birthday in to their new homes, and you really stepped up. Nearly 50 cats and dogs went to their forever homes on Saturday from our Metro Mall and PetSmart locations. For us, it’s never hard getting older!


This week, I’m on the road with Kim Zikmanis, our offsite animal care manager, to help even more pets find homes. We’re transporting as many as 20 small dogs up to Boise, Idaho where they will be adopted quickly during the Chihuahua Adopt-a-Thon on June 26-27 at the All Valley Animal Care Center. In the Boise area, there are fewer small dogs available for adoption, so by taking some of our pets north, we can help them quickly find great homes, while we continue to save even more lives in Maricopa County.


The All Valley Animal Care Center, led by Dr. Kevin Knighton, has been a huge supporter of our mission. Dr. Knighton was also our veterinarian behind the vaccine and microchip clinic we held during our birthday weekend – he drove to Phoenix from Idaho in his rescue van, donated his time during the clinic, and flew home so we could use the van for our transport this week! We are so grateful to Dr. Knighton for his lifesaving work!


We still have a few summer events and specials coming up, so stay tuned for more information. We’ve also officially hit the summer heat wave, so read on for tips on keeping your pets safe and cool over the next few months.

Heather Allen

President and CEO

HALO Animal Rescue

Celebrating with HALO

That’s another birthday for the books! HALO celebrated its 21st birthday on Saturday, June 20 by providing adoption specials, vaccines and microchips at our Metro Mall Adoption Center and PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center, and you came out in droves to support us. There’s nothing better than enjoying a birthday with friends, and there are no better friends than pet lovers!


The microchip and vaccination clinic ran from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and the line was out the door when we opened. Plus, our $21 adoption special (for every pet over one year old) helped 46 cats and dogs find new homes. That’s such a great way to begin a new year! Although each pet already had a birth day, we hope that they can share HALO’s birth date and always thank their new parents for bringing them home.


We also had six lucky raffle winners who took home some amazing prizes, including a cat tower, dog stroller, three gift baskets and a gift certificate to D Pet Hotels in Scottsdale. Thank you to everyone who helped make our birthday special!

Patches was one of our birthday pets!

Hot Dog! How to Keep Your Pets Cool this Summer

Just last week we hit 115 degrees, and we’re not even to the hottest part of summer yet. It’s very important to remember that we’re not the only ones who feel the heat; your pets get overheated too. Here are some basic tips to help keep your pets cool and safe this summer:

  • Limit exercise during the hottest part of the day, and remember to keep your pet on cooler grass or in protective booties so he doesn’t burn his feet.
  • Provide lots and lots of shade and water. We also insist that pets have access to the family space – that means that they can access air conditioning too. A fan just won’t cut it when it’s 110 degrees outside.
  • Give your pet some cool treats, or even ice cubes in their water bowl (we provided some fun recipes in our last issue). You can also wrap them in a cool vest or mat, or consider providing a baby pool for your dog to soak in.

Most importantly, NEVER leave your pet in a hot car! Never! Not even for a few minutes!

  • When it's 72 degrees outside, the temperature inside your car can heat up to 116 degrees within an hour.
  • When it's 80 degrees outside, the temperature inside your car can heat up to 99 degrees within 10 minutes.
  • Rolling down the windows has been shown to have little effect on the temperature inside a car.
    Source: Humane Society of the United States


Events and Specials

As part of our ongoing birthday celebration, we are also extending our 21st birthday special through the end of June with $21 adoption specials on all pets over six months old at our main location, Metro Mall Adoption Center and PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center, as well as all of our PetSmart and Petco store locations! Please help us save even more pets throughout the remainder of the month by adding a pet to your family.


This 4th of July, HALO will be hosting a pet adoption event at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Well & Being Spa atrium from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. To celebrate Independence Day, why not give a shelter pet the freedom and love of your home? All adopters at this exclusive event will also receive a complimentary 45-minute manicure, pedicure or facial from the Well & Being Spa. HALO will be on site with a variety of dogs that are all waiting to go home with you this summer.
Celebrate by adopting!

HALO Animal Rescue

2500 S. 27th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85009




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