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2016 May Newsletter





Inside this issue:


2016 Bugs 'N Balls


2017 Conference


Industry News


Upcoming Events


Allied Member Directory




The 4th Annual Bugs 'N Balls is one for the books! We were able to raise some much-needed funds for the industry defense fund.


A fun time was had by all.




AZPPO would like to extend its appreciation to everyone who participated in this event.  A special thanks to Stu Keenan, Kevin Etheridge and Christy Davie who worked hard to make this annual event a success!


We cannot have continued success without the help of all of our sponsors. Thank you to: 

Hole in One -  RC Auto/Right Toyota

Breakfast - Univar
Lunch: Contractors Termite & Pest and Sexton Pest Control
Beverage Cart - Northwest Exterminating
Golf Cart - Syngenta
Longest Drive - Control Solutions
Closest to Pin - Bayer
Hole Sponsors-
Arizona Spray Equipment
Bell Laboratories
Central Life Sciences
J T Eaton
Mattress Safe
Metro Institute
Mike Herrmann Insurance
Target Specialty Products
Turf & Pest Supply
VM Products
Raffle Sponsors-
Blue Sky Pest
Invader Pest
Mobile Training Solution
Sun Lakes Pest
Towels/Bags - Mattress Safe

AZPPO is excited to announce our 2017 conference dates are set and will take place once again at the Mesa Convention Center. Save the date and look for more information to come!


Industry News

Zika Update - On Tuesday May 24th, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Zika Vector Control Act (H.R. 897). H.R. 897 amends the Clean Water Act (CWA) to suspend the requirement to obtain National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits when applying pesticides directly to Waters of the U.S. through September of 2018. Last week H.R. 897 failed to pass on suspension (which requires 2/3 majority) but this week passed during regular order 258-156. NPDES permits have been a priority issue for NPMA membership for several years and your engagement with members during legislative day and grassroots alerts were significant. During debate on the House floor several letters in support of H.R. 897 were entered into the Congressional record including letters from the National Pest Management Association and the Pesticide Policy Coalition. While the bill remained predominantly partisan, NPMA is pleased that some of our strongest allies on both sides of the aisle supported the bill. Click here to see the official roll call.


On Thursday May 26th the House voted to go to conference on Zika funding. In conference, lawmakers from the House and Senate will negotiate the final funding level. The Senate passed legislation for $1.1 billion while the House approved a measure for $622 million. Congress will now recess for Memorial Day while negotiations continue among key staff, including the addition of H.R. 897 into the final Zika funding package. During this process NPMA will continue to advocate for H.R. 897 and highlight the important role the structural pest management industry plays in combatting the mosquitoes that transmit the Zika virus and urge for Congressional action to ensure any funding includes a significant emphasis on mosquito abatement programs for those states and territories that may need assistance from the pest management industry.


Department of Labor Releases Final Overtime Regulationss - On May 18th the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) posted the Final Overtime Rule. The final rule amends the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and raises the minimum threshold in which all employees are entitled overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per work week from $23,660 annually ($455 per week) to $47,472 ($913 per week). Some of the most significant points of the final rule include:

• Minimum salary threshold raised to $47,472 ($913 per week)

• Updates to the salary threshold every 3 years, first in 2020.

• Salary threshold based on the 40th percentile of earnings of full-time salaried workers in the lowest wage census region.

• Non-discretionary bonuses only account for 10% and must be reported quarterly.

• No changes to the “duties test” for the “white collar exemptions”.

• Final rule effective as of December 1, 2016  


Upcoming Events

Click on a date below for more information


June 8 - AZPPO Board Meeting


June 9 - Phoenix Monthly Meeting 


June 9 - Tucson Monthly Meeting


June 16 Certification Training - CORE and I&I


June 17 Certification Training - WDO and O&T


July 13 - AZPPO Board Meeting


July 14 - AZPPO Annual Meeting


July 14 Certification Training - CORE and I&I


July 15 Certification Training - WDO and O&T


See our website for more information www.azzpo.org

Allied Member Directory

The following companies provide support to the industry and are members of AZPPO. 


ADAPCO Gale Jirik: gjirik@myadapco.com


Affordable GPS Tracking Victor Krstec: 623-328-8906 victor@agps1.com


Allergry Technologies Patty Maslowski: 215-654-0880; service@allergytechnologies.com


All Risks Pam Brunges: 800-366-5810 x3610 pbrunges@allrisks.com 


AP&G Scott Baldwin 480-760-5874 sbaldwin@catchmasterpro.com


Arizona Spray Equipment Samuel Andrus: 623-847-5604; critter@azspray


B&G Equipment Company John Cotton: 714-319-4422; jcotton@bgeuip.com


BASF Pest Control Solutions Ronnie Holder: 713-294-7628; ronald.holder@basf.com

Bayer Environmental Dave Braness: 408-205-8917; david.braness@bayer.com

Bell Laboratories, Inc. Patrick Lynch: plynch@belllabs.com

Bird Barrier Andy Srejic andy.srejic@birdbarrier.com


Bird X Josh Peirce josh@bird-x.com


Bird-B-Gone, Inc Mike Dougherty 949-472-3116 mike@birdbgone.com


Business Broker T.J. Hammer T.J. Hammer: 480-540-5005; Tjhammers@aol.com


Central Life Sciences Blaine Oakeson: 801-731-8210 boakeson@central.com


Chemtech Supply, Inc. Jack McClure: 480-833-7578; jack@chemtechsupply.com

Cintas Ana Baus bausa@cintas.com


Diversified Sales & Marketing Larry Hiner: 918-695-6742 lhiner@divsales.com


Dow AgroSciences Les Johnson: 480-759-9120; lljohnson2@dow.com


Earnhardt Auto Group Jim McGuire: 480-763-6133; jmac@earnhardt.com


Fleetmatics  David Stevens: 847-378-7393 david.stevens@fleetmatics.com


FMC Professional Solutions Alea Pedroza: 714-833-1911 alea.pedroza@fmc.com

Gervase Law Firm, PLLC Lisa Gervase: 480-515-4801; lgervase@gervaselaw.com 

HR Wise Greg O'Keefe: 480-636-2109 payroll@hrwisellc.com


J.T. Eaton Co., Inc. James Rodriguez: 800-321-3421; james@jteaton.com

Kness Mike Goza: 951-318-4951  mike@kness.com


Marathon Data Systems Danielle Panichi events@marathondata.com


Mattress Safe Gary Brooks gary@mattresssafe.com


Metro Institute Michael Means: 602-452-2901; mike@metroinstitute.com

MGK Matt Kenney: 559.232.8696; matt.kenney@mgk.com


Michael S. Herrmann Insurance Agency, Inc. Mike Herrmann: 480-731-6600; mike@mikeherrmann.net

Mobile Training Solutions Linda Harrington 520-419-9575 linda@mobiletrainingsolutions.net


Modern Methods Art Guzman guzzer60@gmail.com


Nature-Cide Gregory Pettis: 818-885-9874 nish@pac-sh.com


Pestmaster Services Jeff Van Diepen: 775-858-7378 jlechler@pestmaster.com


Pestmate David Frost david.frost@enexolutions.com 


PestRoutes Jared Green 435-817-1770 jared@pestroutes.com


PestWest Environmental James Shaffer: 941-358-1983; james.shaffer@pestwest.com


Quality Equipment & Spray Andrew Greess: 602-371-1993; andrew@qspray.com

RC Auto Robert Ross: 623-434-1100; bob@meandmyrc.com


Residex Ada Wilson: 480-322-2211 awilson@residex.com


Service Pro.net Randy Hames: 614-553-0227 randy@servsuite.net


Short Stack Software Derrick Walker: 801-616-6182 dwalker@shortstack.me


Slingshot Chris Huntsman: 801-203-4643 chris@getslingshot.com


SW Cage Ed Schintler southwestcage@yahoo.com


Syngenta Professional Nick Grisafe: 909-353-5907; nick.grisafe@syngenta.com

Target Specialty Products Kurt Smith: 480-517-0755; kurt.smith@target-specialty.com
Salena Rafferty: salena.rafferty@target-specialty.com, Ruth Leo: ruth.leo@target-specialty.com

The Mahoney Group Joe Steiner: 480-214-2746 jsteiner@mahoneygroup.com


Turf & Pest Supply David Crandell: 602-369-6137 dave@turfandpest.com


Tx3 Tech LLC Jason Clow jasonclow@tx3tech.com


Univar USA Inc. Ed Conboy: 520-747-8717; Ed.Conboy@univarusa.com Christy Davie: 480-894-5323; christy.davie@univarusa.com  Jackie Bell: 602-233-2440 jackie.bell@univarusa.com


Weisburger Insurance Brokerage Gary Shapiro: 800-431-2794; info@weisburger.com


AzPPO PO Box 13116, Phoenix, AZ 85002  |  azppo@azcapitolconsulting.com  | 602-712-1121 #4

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