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PetSmart Charities Mega Adoption Event Update


The adoption event went AMAZINGLY!


We had a lofty goal of 600 adoptions and we almost made it, with 586 total!  We are ecstatic that so many animals went to their forever homes. 


The cat staff and volunteers getting everything all set up and the animals their food, litter, toys, water, beds, etc.


This little HALO kitten isn't messing around... he has lounging cutely down to a science. 

"A home... for me?" 

Yes, you!  This guy was adopted at the event.

PetSmart Charities provided a photographer taking photos of the adopted pets and their new families.  The families were asked to describe their new pet in one word.  This little kitten obviously made quite a first impression on his new owners!


Disy the HALO dog poses with his new pops.



HALO's President Heather Allen celebrates with Nina Cruz from 101.5 JAMZ


The shelters are less crowded, for a few days anyway!  There are so many more who need our help, so let's roll up our sleeves and keep on chugging. 


Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this event possible.  Volunteers, we're looking at you! PetSmart Charities, we're looking at you, too!  Thank you everyone for all your hard work.

Cameras for Adoption Photos


For many adopters, seeing the animal’s photo was the first moment they knew they loved the animal… the first moment they knew they wanted to save its life and give it a happy future by taking it into their home.

With so many people browsing adoptable animals online before deciding to adopt, now more than ever it is critical for shelters to have informative profiles for each of their adoptable animals online, describing an animal’s personality and including nice, vivid photos.


These are HALO's cameras for taking photos of the adoptable animals.

These are the kind of photos we can get from these cameras.  Blurry photos where it is difficult to see the animal's beauty and personality.  This is what we get after spending ten or fifteen minutes trying to get a good shot.


These are the kind of photos that all our adoptable animals deserve.



With quality photos of the animals, potential adopters can not only see what the animal looks like, and but can look into the animal’s eyes and start to bond with it.  These are the moments when someone chooses to make a difference and save a life.


Nicer, DSLR cameras produce higher quality photos like these, and save time too because they do not blur when an animal moves.  You can get a beautiful photo right away.




The total cost of three basic DSLR cameras (one for each of our locations) is $1,790.  Will you help us with this need? 


Help HALO Get New Cameras


Please write "Cameras" in the notes section.




 Each adoption that these photos inspire is a life saved.  With your help, we hope we can create more moments like these in people’s hearts and save the lives of more precious dogs in need.



If more than the cost of the three cameras is donated, then the rest of the donations will go towards the animals' other needs such as toys, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, medical care, etc.

The $100,000 Challenge... How is HALO Doing?


Update on the $100,000 Shelter Challenge... three weeks in, and our current number of lives saved is 460!  Wow!  That's 151 more than last year already, and we still have 9 more weeks of the challenge. 


We are currently winning by total number of lives saved in our region!!!  Let's keep up the momentum, and maybe we can win the $20,000 Best in Region prize!


We have until October 31st to get 300 more adoptions than Aug-Oct of last year.  And the more we get, the more likely we are to win the $100,000 prize for the animals at our shelter!




HALO is one of 50 shelters in the country vying for $100,000 for the homeless animals at our shelter


The $100K Challenge is a competition that inspires shelters and their communities to come up with innovative ways to save at least 300 more dogs and cats within a three-month period than were saved during the same three months the year before. And by participating, HALO could win between $5,000 and $125,000 for the animals!  Our staff and volunteers are excited to take a shot at saving more lives than we ever have before.


The challenge runs from August 1st until October 31st.  We have to save 1,287 dogs and cats during those three months to qualify for any prizes, but we hope to save even more!


How can you help?  The same way you can always help us save more lives... Adopt, Volunteer, Donate!


We just need to ramp it up because during these three months, not only will we be saving lives, but we will be qualifying for cash prizes to use towards the animals' care!




Thank you, Petco Foundation!


Okay so they aren't quite THIS old... but they're pretty bad!


Slow computers = less efficiency = less time for the animals... not good! 

HALO recently received a generous grant from the Petco Foundation to help us replace our incredibly outdated computers.  Most of our computers are old, donated machines that are slow and unreliable.  Some of them are from 2005.


Thank you from everyone at HALO Animal Rescue!  We can work faster and better for the animals, thanks to you guys!



Don't Forget the Big Picture...


About 96,000 animals enter the shelters in Maricopa County each year.  Approximately half of them leave alive.  


The other half are euthanized.  These are the animals that HALO focuses on saving.  We take animals in danger of euthanasia at other valley shelters and give them love, care, and medical treatment, and then find them loving forever homes. 


Our resources are limited to pay for their necessary vaccinations, antibiotics, spay/neuter surgeries, etc., so we can only save as many dogs and cats as we can afford.  With support from our fellow animal lovers, we can afford to save more lives.


We are at the big shelters EVERY DAY, rescuing as many animals in danger of euthanasia as we can. 


  Sunny, one of the hundreds of animals HALO rescued this month

Adoption numbers so far for 2012 are through the roof!  Last year at this time, we had 1,984 adoptions and this year we've had 2,835...an INTENSE 43% increase in lives saved!




Thank you for supporting our mission:

Helping Animals Live On.

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