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HALO's Greatest Current Need


Cupcake loved her Kuranda bed while she was waiting for adoption!

HALO needs more beds for the homeless dogs. 


The dogs at the shelter all have some kind of bedding, such as blankets, but because the floors are concrete, what they really need is Kuranda and Perla beds, which raise their blankets off the floor and give them somewhere super comfortable to snuggle. 

All the animals at the shelter under HALO's care already have raised beds.  However, we share a building with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, and the stray animals that they care for don't have raised beds.  We want to help them give their animals the same level of comfort that the HALO animals have.


Perla and Kuranda beds work the best at the shelter because they're easy to clean, sturdy, and comfortable.  We put an easy-to-wash blanket on top of the beds, so the dogs can be comfy without overfilling up our limited laundry machines with bulky, hard to wash bedding.


A pair of anonymous donors have generously offered to match all donations made towards dog beds, up to $10,000!  When you buy one bed for one dog, you're really helping with two beds for two dogs!

When we buy the beds ourselves all at once, we get a shelter discount and save on shipping, so we're saving up to get all the beds we need.  The total number we need is 100 Kuranda beds and 100 Perla beds.


Perla beds, well suited for small dogs


Kuranda beds, well suited for large dogs


Please help the dogs stay clean, dry, and comfortable during their stay by making a donation towards dog beds.  Don't forget:  A wonderful couple (and their dogs, adopted from HALO) have offered to match all donations given towards dog beds, up to $10,000! 

That means each bed you donate actually becomes two beds!


Donate to Keep the Dogs Comfy


A small Perla bed is only $22, or you could buy one of each kind of bed for $161. Whatever amount you can give is a great help.


 Perla beds are new so they're hard to find for sale online, but if you prefer to buy a Kuranda bed yourself and have it shipped to the shelter rather than give a monetary donation, you can do that here


Bobby, a HALO dog snuggling in the Perla bed in his kennel.

On behalf of the animals, thank you!

Don't Forget the Big Picture...

About 96,000 animals enter the shelters in Maricopa County each year.  Approximately half of them leave alive.  


The other half are euthanized.  These are the animals that HALO focuses on saving.  We take animals in danger of euthanasia at other valley shelters and give them love, care, and medical treatment, and then find them loving forever homes. 


We rescue as many animals in danger of euthanasia as we can. In addition to the huge number of animals we adopt out, we also helped save 75 additional lives in 2012 by transferring animals to other rescues for adoption. 

Saving lives is our mission and our passion!


Our resources are limited to pay for their necessary vaccinations, antibiotics, spay/neuter surgeries, etc., so we can only save as many dogs and cats as we can afford.  With support from our fellow animal lovers, we can afford to save more lives.

You can help the animals by Adopting, Volunteering, and Donating.


 Luke, one of the hundreds of animals HALO rescued this month

Total Adoptions in 2011: 3,520

 Total Adoptions in 2012: 4,758

That's a 35% increase over last year.  An incredible achievement!



Thank you for supporting our mission:

Helping Animals Live On.


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