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Check out HALO's New Digs


As most of you know, HALO recently relocated our shelter base of operations from 35th Avenue to 2500 South 27th Avenue here in Phoenix. If you missed it, here's the full story about why HALO moved.



HALO is now "roommates" with another (separate) organization, Maricopa County Animal Care and Control.  We are two organizations under one roof with one common goal: working together to save as many lives as possible. For more details about our partnership, see the press release.


HALO is still a no-kill rescue focused on saving animals' lives, and is still a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


HALO moved into the building a month ago on January 1st, 2013.  We are still getting settled and some things are temporary, but we thought we'd share some photos of our new headquarters.


See More Photos

Give Homeless Dogs a Place to Play

 Update on the grass play yard project: 

We thought it would cost $25,000 but we have a new generous offer from an artificial grass company so we can do it less expensively!  We have $3,964 donated by you awesome people so far, and we need a total of $21,000. 


If you would still like to help, the dogs still need it!


Here's what the areas look like now (gravel and dirt) and what they will look like after (nice clean artificial grass!):




Please help the dogs by making a donation towards the new grass play yards.  This can make the doggies much healthier and happier while they wait for their forever homes.


Help fix up the dog play yards


If more than we need to fix up the play yards is donated, then we will put the rest towards the other costs of HALO's relocation.

"I love the grass myself, and I want ALL the dogs here to get to play in it!" - Giovanni

Featured Pet:  Beth




There's only one thing to say about Beth.  She's a total sweetie!


Well there is one other thing you might want to know.  She requires an inexpensive daily pill.  No big deal right?


Well unfortunately, this little hiccup has made her less appealing to most of the people who have come to our shelter lately looking for a dog to adopt.  So sad!  She is a wonderful dog, she just needs that little pill every day to keep her healthy and happy.


Beth is good with kids, good with small dogs, and good with big dogs as long as they aren't too rambunctious.  She will follow you everywhere and loves to sleep under the covers.


Contact the shelter at 602-971-9222 to learn more about Beth!

Other Goings-On


A Special Thank You to Purina ONE®

HALO is one of a very select group of shelters across the country that are part of the Purina ONE® Pet Welfare Program. All of the pets in our care are fed Purina ONE so they're healthier and more adoptable. We recommend each adopter continue to feed Purina ONE after they adopt a pet, to ease the transition into their home.  We exclusively use Tidy Cats® brand Cat Litter at the shelter and recommend starting our adopted cats on the same litter once they're home to ease the transition into a new environment as well.

Purina ONE generously donates all of the cat food, dog food, and cat litter that our shelter needs.

Thank you so much to Purina ONE for making our lifesaving work possible.


We appreciate all the organizations that help us do so much more for the animals.  Check out our links page on the HALO website to see some of our greatest supporter organizations.

Don't Forget the Big Picture...

About 96,000 animals enter the shelters in Maricopa County each year.  Approximately half of them leave alive.  


The other half are euthanized.  These are the animals that HALO focuses on saving.  We take animals in danger of euthanasia at other valley shelters and give them love, care, and medical treatment, and then find them loving forever homes. 


We rescue as many animals in danger of euthanasia as we can. In addition to the huge number of animals we adopt out, we also helped save 75 additional lives in 2012 by transferring animals to other rescues for adoption. 

Saving lives is our mission and our passion!


Our resources are limited to pay for their necessary vaccinations, antibiotics, spay/neuter surgeries, etc., so we can only save as many dogs and cats as we can afford.  With support from our fellow animal lovers, we can afford to save more lives.

You can help the animals by Adopting, Volunteering, and Donating.


 Jazzell, one of the hundreds of animals HALO rescued this month

Total Adoptions in 2011: 3,520

 Total Adoptions in 2012: 4,738

That's a 34.6% increase over last year.  An incredible achievement!



Thank you for supporting our mission:

Helping Animals Live On.


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