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HALO Opens New Adoption Center at PetSmart Deer Valley




HALO Animal Rescue and PetSmart Charities® have teamed up with support from PetSmart®, Inc., to open a pet adoption center inside the PetSmart store at 2901 W. Agua Fria Fwy in Phoenix.


HALO and PetSmart Charities are celebrating the Grand Opening of this new adoption center with an adoption event from 10am-4pm on Saturday, Sept. 15th and 10am-3pm on Sunday, Sept. 16th.  A variety of adoptable pets will be on-hand, adoption fees will be reduced, and the public is encouraged to visit the new adoption center to take home a new furry friend.


“We’re thrilled to be working with PetSmart Charities to help give lifelong, loving homes to thousands of healthy, adoptable pets,” said Heather Allen, President and CEO of HALO Animal Rescue. “We’re looking forward to not only encouraging more adoptions, but also helping to reduce the pet homelessness population in our local community.”


Every year about 8 million pets end up in shelters across North America and 4 million – about 11,000 a day – are euthanized because they are not adopted. The Phoenix in-store adoption center is part of a nationwide initiative from PetSmart Charities with the goal of saving more homeless pets.


The new adoption center will occupy 2,484 square feet that is being converted inside the store. HALO will staff the adoption center, which will house 50 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.  The new adoption center will free up kennel space at HALO’s main shelter location and allow adoptable pets to live in a new pet-friendly venue until they are adopted into lifelong homes. 


Thank you so much to everyone at PetSmart Charities who made this adoption center possible!  We are thrilled to have this great opportunity to place more animals in their new forever homes.


About the Facility:


The adoption center will be open seven days a week during the store’s operating hours.  Amenities include:


- Kennels for adult dogs, puppies and small dogs

- Cat adoption center

- Play areas for dogs awaiting adoption

- Meet‐and‐greet areas for prospective adopters and their families to get acquainted with the pet(s) they want to take home


Beautiful cat adoption room

Spacious kennels for dogs and puppies



Grand Opening Adoption Event


Saturday 9/15 10am to 4pm

Sunday 9/16 10am to 3pm



The $100,000 Challenge... How is HALO Doing?


 Beetle, Chihuahua puppy


Update on the $100,000 Shelter Challenge... six weeks in, and our current number of lives saved is 680!  Wow!  That's 147 more than last year already, and we still have 6 more weeks of the challenge. 


Keep your eye on the ASPCA Challenge leaderboard to see how HALO gets ranked versus the other competing shelters!  They should be posting the official results from month one in a matter of days.  The column that says "Increase in Lives Saved" is the most important, and the one that most of the prizes will be determined by!


We have to get 300 more adoptions in Aug-Oct this year than Aug-Oct of last year to qualify for the lowest prize which is $5,000.  And the more we get, the more likely we are to win the amazing $100,000 prize for the animals at our shelter!  See all the prizes we could win for the animals.


About the Challenge:



HALO is one of 50 shelters in the country vying for $100,000 for the homeless animals at our shelter


The $100K Challenge is a competition that inspires shelters and their communities to come up with innovative ways to save at least 300 more dogs and cats within a three-month period than were saved during the same three months the year before. And by participating, HALO could win between $5,000 and $125,000 for the animals!  Our staff and volunteers are excited to take a shot at saving more lives than we ever have before.


The challenge runs from August 1st until October 31st.  We have to save 1,287 dogs and cats during those three months to qualify for any prizes, but we hope to save even more!


How can you help?  The same way you can always help us save more lives... Adopt, Volunteer, Donate!


We just need to ramp it up because during these three months, not only will we be saving lives, but we will be qualifying for cash prizes to use towards the animals' care!

Happy Tails



Ash and Yoshi


These two sweet kittens came to HALO for different reasons, but ended up being the best of friends in their new forever home.


Ash, the gray kitty, didn't always look so happy and content.  HALO rescued him because he had been in danger of being euthanized for a kitty cold and eye infection.  We just had to give this sweet little guy another chance.  Most of the animals that HALO saves had been in the same position: in danger of euthanasia for a treatable problem.


Yoshi, the tabby, was abandoned with his mom and siblings in front of a vet clinic.  The employees at the clinic called HALO, begging for help. Although we stay very full of animals saved from euthanasia, luckily on that day we had room at our shelter to take them all in directly to our shelter.  Soon, the whole little family was vaccinated, healthy, spayed or neutered, and ready for adoption.


Ash and Yoshi ended up going home together.  We were so happy to know that they each will always have a playmate!  The nice lady who took these two home sent us all these cute photos of them happy in their new home.  Congratulations, Ash and Yoshi!





It is a wonderful feeling to see so many animals whose futures had been so uncertain go to their forever homes.  Thank you all for your support!  We couldn't help the animals without you guys.


If you have adopted an animal from HALO and would like to share your story too, please visit HALO's Facebook page, "Like" us, and post a photo on our wall!  You can also email stories about your adopted animals to info@halorescue.org

Featured Pet: Murphey



Hello, my name is Murphey!

I am a fun loving Australian Cattle dog mix.  I was found as a stray by Maricopa County Animal Care and Control and I was super shy.  I was in danger of being euthanized for being fearful, but luckily HALO was able to take me in.  Now I love to play and run with other pups and would love your attention and affection!

I'm still young and need to learn obedience.  I'm still a puppy so I'm a "handful" but in a good way!  I have a great attitude, I enjoy playing with tennis balls, and I have lots of energy.  I would love an active family with older children.  I'm neutered, de-wormed, up to date on my vaccinations and ready to be yours!





Call 602-971-9222 or see my adoption profile here to get more info about how to meet me.


More Goings-On




Don't Forget the Big Picture...


About 96,000 animals enter the shelters in Maricopa County each year.  Approximately half of them leave alive.  


The other half are euthanized.  These are the animals that HALO focuses on saving.  We take animals in danger of euthanasia at other valley shelters and give them love, care, and medical treatment, and then find them loving forever homes. 


Our resources are limited to pay for their necessary vaccinations, antibiotics, spay/neuter surgeries, etc., so we can only save as many dogs and cats as we can afford.  With support from our fellow animal lovers, we can afford to save more lives.


We are at the big shelters EVERY DAY, rescuing as many animals in danger of euthanasia as we can. 


  Barney, one of the hundreds of animals HALO rescued this month

Adoption numbers so far for 2012 are through the roof!  Last year at this time, we had 2,208 adoptions and this year we've had 3,055...a wonderful 38% increase in lives saved!




Thank you for supporting our mission:

Helping Animals Live On.

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