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2015 January Newsletter


Inside this issue:

Legislative Update



Allied Member Spotlight


2015 Conference


Upcoming Events

Allied Member Directory


Dear Pest Control Industry Professionals,

2015 is off to a busy start!

The Great Western Conference committee has some exciting things planned for our March 29-31 event. Don't wait to register. Space is limited for the Trade Show as well as the Owner/Manager networking event. You won't want to miss out.  You can find more information on our website HERE.

Be sure to check out the schedule of Upcoming Events below, both locally and at the national level.

In this issue we begin a new monthly feature to spotlight our Allied members. These providers support our association and we hope you will support them with your business.

The legislature is in full swing and AZPPO is engaged. Our Legislative committee and Arizona lobbyist are working hard to represent our interests - see the Weekly Report below.

Finally, please support your Legislative Committee!  We accept contributions in any amount (no such thing as too small) and every bit helps. Send your contributions to: AZPPO Industry Defense Fund, PO Box 13116, Phoenix, AZ 85002


AzPPO the Voice of Industry

Legislative Update January 25, 2015

The second week of the legislation is coming to a close and, so far, there have been no major hiccups or blowups at the Capitol. The legislature seems to be focused on the Governor’s budget and ultimately solving the state’s $1.5 billion budget shortfall. On Tuesday the legislature held joint meeting of the House and Senate appropriations committees to further comb-through the Governor’s proposed budget.

On Tuesday, SB1078 Office of Pest Management, was assigned to the Senate Commerce and Workforce Development Committee.

HB2465, pesticide prohibition; neonicotinoids, a bill that would ban the sale and use of Clothianidin, Midacloprid, and Thiametoxam in Arizona, has yet to be assigned to a committee.

It has been a relatively slow first couple of weeks at the Capitol, but we should start to pickup pretty soon as the budget continues to unfold.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Courtney Gilstrap LeVinus

Capitol Consulting, LLC




AZPPO Hot List


The Hot List includes all legislative bills and proposals that may have a direct impact on the industry. Click Here to view the AZPPO Hot List.





Majority Leader McCarthy to Speak at NPMA Legislative Day
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy – the second highest ranking member of the 435-member body - will be the special guest speaker at the Tuesday lunch at NPMA Legislative Day on Tuesday, March 17. A small business owner before he was elected to Congress in 2006 to represent a Bakersfield, CA area district, Leader McCarthy is deeply committed to eliminating unnecessary paperwork requirements and other government regulation and increasing government efficiency. He will discuss the House Republican agenda for the 114th Congress.

Click here to read more about Leader McCarthy. Click here for additional details and registration information for NPMA’s Legislative Day.


APHIS Forwards Fumigation Tax Proposal to OMB for Review
The U.S Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service forwarded a rulemaking establishing a $375 fee to oversee export fumigations to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review. OMB reviews proposed regulations of a certain size to determine the economic impact and if there are alternative approaches. NPMA has requested to meet with OMB regarding this matter.

Allied Member Spotlight

Over the past forty years, Bell Laboratories has experienced extraordinary growth and change, thanks largely to our continued commitment to teamwork, research and development and valuing customers above all else. As we reach our 40th anniversary in business, we want to extend our thanks to the long-standing relationships with our customers worldwide. The upcoming years will be exciting as we continue to make advancements and extend our promise in championing the rodent control industry. Wherever the future takes us, our focus will always be on the customer, our people, and building a superior product. We thank you for your continued support.

Information and registration HERE.


Upcoming Events



February 3-5 NPMA Wildlife Expo More information HERE.

February 11 AZPPO Board Meeting  


February 12  AZPPO Monthly Membership Meeting Phoenix  INFO


March 11 AZPPO Board Meeting


March 15-17 Legislative Day INFO

March 29-31 AZPPO Great Western Conference & Trade Show Registration information HERE.


April 8 AZPPO Board Meeting


April 9  AZPPO Monthly Membership Meeting Phoenix INFO

May 13
AZPPO Board Meeting


May 14  AZPPO Monthly Membership Meeting Tucson INFO

May 29th 3rd Annual Bugs 'N Balls Golf Tournament, benefiting the Industry Defense Fund  INFO

October 20-23 Pestworld Nashville

Allied Member Directory

The following companies provide support to the industry and are members of AZPPO. Welcome to our newest member, LIPCA.


Affordable GPS Tracking Victor Krstec: 623-328-8906; victor@agps1.com

Allergry Technologies Joseph Latino: 215-654-0880; service@allergytechnologies.com

AP& G Jackie Bell: 480-760-5874; jbell@catchmasterpro.com

Arizona Spray Equipment Samuel Andrus: 623-842-4000; sandurs@azspray.com


B&G Equipment Company John Cotton: 714-319-4422; jcotton@bgeuip.com


BASF Pest Control Solutions Ronnie Holder: 713-294-7628; ronald.holder@basf.com

Bayer Environmental Dave Braness: 408-205-8917; david.braness@bayer.com

Bell Laboratories, Inc. Jeremy Davis: 574-361-5058; jdavis@belllabs.com

Business Broker T.J. Hammer T.J. Hammer: 480-540-5005; Tjhammers@aol.com

Chemtech Supplies, Inc. Jack McClure: 480-833-7578; jack@chemtechsupply.com

Control Solutions, Inc. (CSI) Rob Ives: 713-203-4058; rives@ControlSolutions.com Allison Muggli: 281-892-2500; amuggli@controlsolutionsinc.com

CrimShield, Inc. Dave Pickron: 888-422-2547; dave@crimsheild.com Scot Aubrey: 888-422-2547; scot@crimshield.com


Dow AgroSciences Les Johnson: 480-759-9120; lljohnson2@dow.com

Earnhardt Auto Group Jim McGuire: 480-763-6133; jmac@earnhardt.com

Fleetmatics Chris Daywalt: 623-241-9531; chris.daywalt@fleetmatics.com

FMC Professional Solutions David Torska: 480-330-0383 ; david.torska@fmc.com Dean Johnson: 951-595-5829; dean.k.johnson@fmc.com

Gervase Law Firm, PLLC Lisa Gervase: 480-515-4801; lgervase@gervaselaw.com

Helena Chemical Rob Deacon: 602-278-0143; deaconr@helenachemical.com

J.T. Eaton Co., Inc. James Rodriguez: 800-321-3421; james@jteaton.com

Leavitt Group/Farmer Woods Group Insurance Scott Fanning: 607-677-1166; scott-fanning@leavitt.com

Metro Institute Michael Means: 602-452-2901; mike@metroinstitute.com

MGK Matt Kenney: 800-352-5548; matt.kenney@mgk.com

Michael S. Herrmann Insurance Agency, Inc. Mike Herrmann: 480-731-6600; mike@mikeherrmann.net

PestWest Environmental Scott Baldwin : 480-747-2688; info@pestwest.com

Quality Equipment & Spray Andrew Greess: 602-371-1993; andrew@qspray.com

Syngenta Professional Nick Grisafe: 909-353-5907; nick.grisafe@syngenta.com

Target Specialty Products Kurt Smith: 480-517-0755; kurt.smith@target-specialty.com
Salena Rafferty: salena.rafferty@target-specialty.com, Ruth Leo: ruth.leo@target-specialty.com

Turf & Pest Supplies Dave Crandell: 602-369-6137; dgcrandell@yahoo.com

Univar USA Inc. Ed Conboy: 520-747-8717; Ed.Conboy@univarusa.com Christy Davie: 480-894-5323; christy.davie@univarusa.com  Carlos Montejano: 602-3174-1187; Carlos.Montejano@univarusa.com


Weisburger Insurance Brokerage Gary Shapiro: 800-431-2794; info@weisburger.com


AzPPO PO Box 13116, Phoenix, AZ 85002  |  azppo@azcapitolconsulting.com  | 602-343-6277

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