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2016 December Newsletter





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AZPPO Wins Battle



2017 Conference


Rodent Control


Upcoming Events


Allied Member Directory


AzPPO wins another battle against governmental over reach.

As the current President of AzPPO I'm often asked what does AzPPO really do for the industry.


Much of the work done behind the scenes to protect the industry goes quite unnoticed as your board and legislative committee regularly meet with representatives of the The Pest Management Division (PMD) of the Department of Ag to discuss issues affecting the Pest Management Industry. Due to the goodwill exhibited by the PMD and the AzPPO board, this is rarely dramatic as we are able to resolve these issues without a lot of fan fare.


While I certainly prefer this relationship it also creates a lack of awareness among our members who are frequently unaware of the fine work being done by your board and legislative committee members Stu Keenan and Kevin Etheridge.


Recently our lobbyist Courtney LeVinus received an email from one of our members, Dena Berg from Northwest Exterminating in Tucson, concerning an issue which had occurred with the Pima County Health Department. Northwest had performed a thorough cleanout for German Cockroaches in a restaurant. One of the products they used in the clean out was an insecticidal dust formulation. The application was performed according to label and was done legally and professionally. In spite of this the inspector had ordered all dust applied in the attic space to be cleaned up citing FDA code which does not allow Tracking Powder to be used in restaurants.


As we all know insecticidal dust is clearly not a tracking powder but the Health Department was not seeing it that way. Courtney reached out to the board and we suggested she contact the PMD  to reach out to the Pima County Health Department to explain the differences between the two products.....   Read the outcome of this situation HERE.

Registration is now open for the Great Western Conference. We are offering 6 CEU's per day on March 29 - 30.  In addition, we'll have a Business Education track on March 28th, an Owner/Manager Reception on March 28th, and a Hospitality Dinner on March 29th. 


We have submitted and are currently awaiting continuing education course approvals from additional states of NM, CA, NV, UT.


Register HERE.

Need a hotel?  AZPPO has a special rate at the Marriott across the street, but don't delay.  The NCAA Final Four takes place in the valley that week and rooms will sell out quickly.  See our website for more information:   http://azppo.org/Conference 


Vendor and Sponsor Registrations are also open.


Rodent Control

Advanced rodent control begins with changing the way you look at a property. Evolving software, phone apps, a better understanding of rodent biology and behavior from online resources, and improvements in hand-held/high-tech equipment have brought us to a paradigm in rodent control.


Let’s look first at thermal imaging cameras. This handheld device can help quickly identify locations in and around structures where heat and cold air are being lost, thus helping the PMP identify rodent entry points and nesting locations in walls, attics and substructures. In some cases, the cameras can pick up a rat’s run path, essentially pointing the technician to an area where he should concentrate his attention.


The other shift that has helped us better understand rodents is access to university studies at little to no cost via Google Scholar. These studies go in-depth from tongue to tail on rodents, and can give you useful knowledge that can change the way you look at a problem. Let’s use scent as an example: rodents have an amazing sense of smell and some block baits are formulated like a dry cookie with little attractant properties. In this case, to improve your bait acceptance, use an attractant to help lure the rodent into the bait station so they begin feeding on the bait, or rotate a bait that’s highly-scented into your program. Field tests have shown when a new aromatic food source is introduced, a pregnant female is more likely to feed on the bait on day 1.


Phone apps to help you better communicate directly and professionally to your customers help add value to your program, and can further validate your findings (or can be used for your company’s documentation). As the saying goes “a picture is worth a 1000 words”, but a good picture with a clear message on the image can make you 1000’s of dollars, provided your company allows this. Apps with photo enhancing, editing features, and typing short messages on the image can be done in a couple of minutes--just remember to always stay within the scope of your license. Examples of where photo apps would work well: areas like attics, rental properties, and communicating to the customer which areas need to be sealed to control/prevent rodent infestations. These can be emailed, texted, or filed for future use by you or your customers.


Most rodent control jobs can be cut and dry, and the problem easily solved, but stepping up your game and increasing your knowledge of these elusive animals will give you a broader range of problem-solving skills, thereby speeding up the service, improving catch rates, and more importantly…keeping your customers safe and happy.


James Rodriguez Technical Director JT Eaton Co., Inc.



Upcoming Events

Click on a date below for more information


January 11 - AZPPO Board Meeting


January 12 - AZPPO Monthly Membership Meeting


January 12 - Certification Training CORE and I&I


January 13 - Certification Training WDO and T&O


March 16 - AZPPO Day at the Capitol


March 28-30 - Great Western Conference & Trade Show


May 26 -  Bugs N Balls Golf Tournament


See our website for more information www.azzpo.org

Allied Member Directory

The following companies provide support to the industry and are members of AZPPO. 


Affordable GPS Tracking Victor Krstec: 623-328-8906 victor@agps1.com


Allergy Technologies Patty Maslowski: 215-654-0880; service@allergytechnologies.com


All Risks Pam Brunges: 800-366-5810 x3610 pbrunges@allrisks.com 


AP&G Scott Baldwin 480-760-5874 sbaldwin@catchmasterpro.com

Arizona Spray Equipment 
Samuel Andrus: 623-847-5604; critter@azspray


B&G Equipment Company John Cotton: 714-319-4422; jcotton@bgeuip.com


BASF Pest Control Solutions Ronnie Holder: 713-294-7628; ronald.holder@basf.com

Bayer Environmental Eric Paysen: 602-245-3659; eric.paysen@bayer.com

Bell Laboratories, Inc. Patrick Lynch: plynch@belllabs.com

BrioStack Software DerrickWalker: 801-616-6182 dwalker@shortstack.me


Business Broker T.J. Hammer T.J. Hammer: 480-540-5005; Tjhammers@aol.com


Central Life Sciences Blaine Oakeson: 801-731-8210 boakeson@central.com


Chemtech Supply, Inc. Jack McClure: 480-833-7578; jack@chemtechsupply.com


Control Solutions Inc  Rob Ives: 713-203-4058; rives@controlsolutionsinc.com     


Diversified Sales & Marketing Larry Hiner: 918-695-6742 lhiner@divsales.com


Dow AgroSciences Les Johnson: 480-759-9120; lljohnson2@dow.com


Fleetmatics  David Stevens: 847-378-7393 david.stevens@fleetmatics.com


FMC Professional Solutions Alea Pedroza: 714-833-1911 alea.pedroza@fmc.com

Gervase Law Firm, PLLC Lisa Gervase: 480-515-4801; lgervase@gervaselaw.com


HR Wise Greg O'Keefe: 480-636-2109 payroll@hrwisellc.com


J.T. Eaton Co., Inc. James Rodriguez: 800-321-3421; james@jteaton.com


LiphaTech Joshua Joyce: 714-262-0355: joycej@liphatech.com  


Marathon Data Systems Danielle Panichi events@marathondata.com


Mattress Safe Gary Brooks gary@mattresssafe.com


Metro Institute Michael Means: 602-452-2901; mike@metroinstitute.com


MGK Matt Kenney: 559.232.8696; matt.kenney@mgk.com


Michael S. Herrmann Insurance Agency, Inc. Mike Herrmann: 480-731-6600; mike@mikeherrmann.net


Mobile Training Solutions Linda Harrington 520-419-9575 linda@mobiletrainingsolutions.net


Modern Methods Art Guzman guzzer60@gmail.com


Nature-Cide Gregory Pettis: 818-885-9874 nish@pac-sh.com


Pestmaster Services Jeff Van Diepen: 775-858-7378 jlechler@pestmaster.com


PestRoutes Jared Green 435-817-1770 jared@pestroutes.com


Quality Equipment & Spray Andrew Greess: 602-371-1993; andrew@qspray.com

Residex Ada Wilson: 480-322-2211 awilson@residex.com


Service Pro.net Randy Hames: 614-553-0227 randy@servsuite.net


Slingshot Chris Huntsman: 801-203-4643 chris@getslingshot.com


Syngenta Professional Nick Grisafe: 909-353-5907; nick.grisafe@syngenta.com


Target Specialty Products Kurt Smith: 480-517-0755; kurt.smith@target-specialty.com
Salena Rafferty: salena.rafferty@target-specialty.com, Ruth Leo: ruth.leo@target-specialty.com


The Mahoney Group Joe Steiner: 480-214-2746 jsteiner@mahoneygroup.com


Turf & Pest Supply David Crandell: 602-369-6137 dave@turfandpest.com


Univar USA Inc. Ed Conboy: 520-747-8717; Ed.Conboy@univarusa.com Christy Davie: 480-894-5323; christy.davie@univarusa.com  Jackie Bell: 602-233-2440 jackie.bell@univarusa.com


Weisburger Insurance Brokerage Gary Shapiro: 800-431-2794; info@weisburger.com

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