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The United States Senate passed a funding bill in November, ending the prohibition of medical cannabis at VA clinics. The 2016 Appropriations Bill permits Veterans Administration doctors to recommend marijuana to their patients in states where medical cannabis is legal. The problem is, West Virginia is not one of those states. We will gather at the capitol and demand the WV Legislature grant equal access to veterans in our state.
We are uniting at the West Virginia State Capitol Building on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 to call on our state legislators to act now to allow VA medical centers in our state to recommend medical cannabis to WV veterans.
West Virginia veterans face a wide range of ailments as a result of their service to our country. As many as 20% of veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress or Post-Traumatic Brain Injury. Another 54% experience varying degrees of insomnia. Many veterans experience chronic pain. Worst of all, an average of 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Veterans are typically prescribed a wide range of prescription drugs to treat these illnesses, each of which carries risks and a long list of potential symptoms. Studies have shown cannabis to be an effective and less dangerous substitute to provide needed relief for all of these health problems without adverse side effects.
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Innovative Cannabis Compliance Solution Gains Traction - PRNewswire

– Colorado Cannabis Company – owner and operator of fifteen (15) medical and recreational cannabis licenses, with retail outlets operating under the Pure Marijuana Dispensary brand – announced today it has signed a licensing agreement to utilize Adherence Compliance’s SCORE App and Enterprise Compliance Platform (ECP) to manage cannabis compliance.

The agreement provides unlimited use of the SCORE software application, automated regulatory and financial compliance updates for federal, state and local requirements along with recurring detailed compliance reports and license-based risk scores.

“Adherence’s SCORE App allows Colorado Cannabis Company to effectively automate regulatory and financial compliance on all of our operational licenses. We can routinely and efficiently evaluate our 15 licenses and immediately focus on any non-compliance items. Adherence’s software is a natural fit for our evolving business,” said Frank Quattrone, CEO of both Colorado Cannabis Company and Pure Marijuana Dispensaries.

Marijuana, Cannabis, Ganja, Weed, Grass, Pot, Reefer, or Maryjane: What’s In a Name?

 - K. Stroup, NORML Legal Counsel

I am periodically amused when we receive an email or phone call at NORML from an enthusiastic, usually young, supporter, advising us he/she has found the missing link to marijuana legalization: come up with a new name for our favorite herb.

That’s right. Some who are new to the issue, when they first discover the racist under-pinning’s of both marijuana prohibition, and the word “marijuana” itself, naively think if we could just stop using the word “marijuana,” and instead use “cannabis” or some other synonym, our opposition would suddenly disappear, and we would have a clear path to legalization.

I wish it were that simple. But it is not the name we use that makes it difficult to legalize marijuana; it is the misinformation left from decades of government anti-marijuana propaganda. We are having to re-educate millions of Americans about marijuana, including especially those in the media and our elected officials.


5 Best Cannabis Chocolates to Give Your Stoner Valentine

 - E. McDonough

 –Cannabischocolatiers have been stepping up their game in legal cannabis states across the nation. With the goal of creating high-end, precisely dosed, elegant trufflesandbonsbons with little to no detectable cannabis taste, these five firms all intend to revolutionize the experience of gourmet edibles.

Arriving in lavishly produced boxes and tins, this new breed of cannabis chocolates uses high-quality ingredients and exquisite presentation to elevate the consumer experience of edibles. Just in time for Valentine's Day, these gourmet ganja chocolates are prefect for gift-giving, just make sure you choose an appropriate dose to increase sensuality without instantly inducing sleepiness!

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