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6-15-2024 |  Biweekly eNewsletter

The RoundUp: Serving Ag, Construction, and Outdoor Power Equipment Dealers Across Iowa and Nebraska

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Manufacturer and Dealer News
Workforce Development & Trucking Regulations Workshops

You asked and we listened—the Iowa Nebraska Equipment Dealers Association (INEDA) will host another workforce development workshop this year!

This year, the Regional Workshops will be held in conjunction with a Trucking Regulations Workshop at each meeting location. These workshops will be beneficial for dealership executives, store and branch managers, human resources, recruitment professionals, and transportation department employees. Both workshops are FREE for INEDA members and their employees to attend. Please RSVP in advance to secure your spot!

Nebraska's workshops will be held THIS WEEK, Thursday May 23!

Iowa's work shops are the following week on May 30.

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Manufacturer and Dealer News
Kubota to Cap the Number of Stores a Dealer Can Own per State

Kubota has implemented a new policy effective May 17, 2024, that will cap the number of stores any Kubota dealer can own per state. According to a memo sent to dealers May 17, Kubota is setting these limitations "to maintain the integrity of our dealer network, support the Local Dealer of Choice philosophy, and promote transparency through the growth process."

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Volvo Launches Next-Gen L30, L35 Compact Wheel Loaders

Volvo CE has launched the next generation of its L30 and L35 compact wheel loaders, designed for faster work, increased maneuverability and better visibility.

The cab also gets upgraded with easier-to-use, comfortable controls. And Volvo has added its new advanced boom kickout and bucket leveler as an available option for preprogramming automatic lift and tilt positions. This feature reduces fatigue and increases precision on repetitive tasks, as well as boosts speed for less experienced operators, the company says.

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John Deere, Kinze, and Ag Leader announce collaboration agreement

Titan Machinery, in partnership with community and technical colleges in South Dakota, John Deere, Kinze Manufacturing, and Ag Leader Technology announced a collaboration agreement that will make it easier for farmers to integrate each company’s equipment and technology solutions into their farming operation. The announcement comes months after John Deere won a $16.3 million lawsuit against the two other companies for patent infringement for seeding technologies.

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7 State have less than 25% of corn left to plant

According to USDA’s latest Crop Progress report, more than three-quarters of the corn crop has been planted in each of these top growing states.

Farmers in Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas, and North Carolina have reached another milestone in the 2024 planting season. According to USDA’s latest Crop Progress report, more than three-quarters of the corn crop has been planted in each of these top growing states.

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Industry News
GOP Farm Bill Increases Crop Subsidy Ceiling by 24%

The so-called payment limit would rise, and USDA spending on crop supports and crop insurance would also rise by roughly one-third, or as much as $53 billion over 10 years, according to Republican staff workers.

Row-crop farmers would be able to collect up to $155,000 a year in crop subsidies, a $30,000 increase from the current limit, under the farm bill written by House Republicans and scheduled for a committee vote on Thursday. And, for the first time, the subsidy ceiling, often a lightning rod for reformers, would be adjusted annually for inflation.

Iowa Governor Signs Into Law Meat Integrity and Livestock Capital Gains Deduction

Yesterday, Gov. Kim Reynolds signed two bills into law that were high priorities for the Iowa Cattlemen's Association (ICA). Showcasing the importance, a large crowd gathered at Pat and Laura Blomme's farm to witness this notable event.

The Meat Integrity Bill (S.F. 2391), led by Sen. Dawn Driscoll (SD-46) and Rep. Heather Hora (HD-92), protects against the misbranding of fake meat products and keeps experimental, lab-grown protein out of supplemental nutrition programs and schools.

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Tractor Supply Company (NASDAQ: TSCO), in partnership with National 4-H Council, announced today its 2024 spring Paper Clover campaign raised over $1.3 million for 4-H youth nationwide, moving the fundraiser's grand total significantly beyond the $20 million milestone achieved one year ago.

"We are once again filled with gratitude and admiration for the way our local communities have shown up to help young people access 4-H programming," said John Ordus, chief stores officer at Tractor Supply and member of the National 4-H Council board of trustees. "In the span of 13 years, we have achieved remarkable results, and we are on pace to reach another major milestone even faster. Thank you to all of our neighbors and customers who continue to support our partnership with 4-H and share our appreciation of its important work."

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The United Soybean Board, in partnership with The Yield Lab Institute and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Startups, is pleased to announce Clean Label Solution as this year's Soy Innovation Challenge grand prize winner. Through a proprietary fermentation process, Clean Label Solution delivers high-value beef and dairy cattle feed from soybeans and soybean meal. U.S. soybean farmers produce a high-quality and eco-friendly feed ingredient for the livestock supply chain, making soybeans a preferred choice for animal agriculture.

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