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IRA Insights

July 2014 Newsletter

Company News


NuView ranked 18th out of 41 small business finalists in the Orlando Business Journal's Best Places to Work contest this year.

 The NuView offices will close early on Thursday, July 3rd, at 3 pm and will not reopen until Monday, July 7th, in observance of Independence Day.
 NuView Events
We host monthly introductory and advanced self-directed IRA courses at our office headquarters:
Central Florida Events
Non-NuView Events

Broward Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Wednesday, July 2nd

5:30pm - 8:45pm

More Info

Central Florida Realty Investors Association General Meeting

Wednesday, July 2nd

6:00pm - 9:00pm

More Info


Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Thursday, July 3th

6:00pm - 9:00pm

More Info

Palm Beach Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Tuesday, July 15th
6:30 pm - 8:45 pm

More Info


Dade Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Wednesday, July 16th

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info


Investors Resource Center General Meeting

Thursday, July 17th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info

Message from our President

Welcome to the second half of 2014. This is the time to fine tune the resolutions, fix what hasn't been done, and accelerate through the end of the year. At NuView, we do our planning on a quarterly basis - we set goals, track them weekly, measure our progress, then celebrate our achievements once the quarter is over.

This quarter, we focused on one of our core values - serving others. Thanks to a continued desire by our employees to dress more casually on Fridays, we collected a "fine" from those that prefer jeans to dress slacks and skirts. Those fines really added up over the quarter, and now more than $400 will be donated to the Russell Home, a fantastic group that takes care of severely handicapped children in Central Florida. 

The entire office also cooked and served the guests of the Ronald McDonald House at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando. What a great experience it was to serve lunch and dinner to families who have children with long-term medical issues. Their appreciation and love was an unexpected payback for what we felt was such a small effort on our part. You can read more about our experience on our blog.

We are also extremely excited about the second annual Hero Games to support the Wheelchair Foundation on October 18th. There will be much more information to come - and no matter where this newsletter finds you, we invite you to be a part of this wonderful event and charity.

Happy second half and, as always, all the best in your investments,

Glen Mather

Is Venture Investing Right For You?

By Blaire Martin, founder of Florida Angel Nexus, which is a state-wide initiative to unite Florida's investment community.

Investors around the world are allocating a percent of their assets into early-stage companies in order to access opportunities for exceptional returns. "Angel investing is a legitimate part of an alternative asset class investment portfolio," says David S. Rose, founder and chairman emeritus of New York Angels, in his new book, Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money and Having Fun Investing in Startups. "A rational person can be an investor and not a gambler." In the book, Rose explains that more people can and should become angel investors and that a few big wins make up for all the losses.

A Kauffman Foundation study estimates that the average return on venture investing by sophisticated angel groups is 27% IRR or 2.6 times the investment in about 3.5 years. Research shows that investing in multiple seed and startup companies is a key angel strategy. Many sources agree that a portfolio of 10-12 angel deals is adequate diversification to assure a reasonable ROI and that 6 or less angel investments is too risky. Investors can create a portfolio of investments by picking deals in FAN’s pipeline or by venture investing into a cross-collateralized fund. 

Joining a sophisticated angel group is very helpful for investors interested in breaking into angel investing. Benefits often include:...READ MORE

Guest Webinar on Emerging Markets


Nelson J. Zambrano is a Managing Partner with Normandy Group, which focuses on the acquisition of multifamily properties and single-family homes in emerging markets across the United States. He has worked on projects with the City of Fort Lauderdale (CRA) and has spoken both locally and abroad on emerging markets in the US.

Most real estate investors blindly go into real estate investing without any idea of what market cycles they are in or what market cycle is around the corner. This includes not knowing what type of investing strategy to use in each phase of the market cycles.

This webinar will help you answer these pressing market questions:

  • What phase of the real estate market cycle are we presently in? 
  • How do I identify these markets?
  • What investing strategy should I use in each specific market cycle?
  • How can I use real estate market cycles to my advantage?
  • What are the 4 phases of real estate market cycles, and how can I profit from each phase?
  • What are the technological, social, and economic forces that drive the market, and when is a good time to invest in the real estate market?

For more details on the US emerging markets cycles, reserve your virtual seat for Nelson's July 24th webinar today.


NuView Gets Another CISP

Mandi Howell, the senior transaction associate for NuView IRA, recently travelled to Chicago ready to joins the ranks of NuView’s senior staff in sitting for the Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) exam - the undisputed professional designation for financial services professionals who have dedicated IRA operational and technical experience - issued by the Institute of Certified Bankers, a subsidiary of the American Bankers Association.

Having travelled extensively in her previous career, Mandi was thrilled to return for a week in Chicago. While she took some time to grab those Chicago food specialties she had missed - caramel and cheese popcorn, anyone? - she spent the majority week with her nose to the grindstone to prepare for the exam. 

Needless to say, NuView supported her decision to prepare for and take the exam and wasn’t surprised to learn a few weeks later that she passed. 

Mandi sought the CISP designation to not only further her knowledge in the IRA arena but to further assure clients that NuView has the most knowledgeable and dedicated staff with the credentials to prove it. Her thirst for knowledge and learning, both professionally and personally, was what earned her the office superlative for "The Category Is...," or most likely to appear on Jeopardy.

Success Story Spotlight

This month's spotlight shines on Greg Pichardo. Greg was in the banking industry for more than 20 years, most recently with Banco Popular in the Orlando area. Now, he manages his investments full time. Here Greg sheds some light on how he self-directs:

NuView: How did you learn about self-directed IRAs? What made you want to self-direct?

Greg Pichardo: I developed a pretty well-rounded knowledge base on the subject while working in the banking industry and had heard of the concept of self-direction during that time, but it was not until I attended a seminar hosted by Glen Mather [President of NuView] and Jason Debono [Vice President of NuView] that I was able to put the last pieces of the puzzle together, giving me the confidence and knowledge to use my IRA to purchase properties in addition to those I was purchasing outside my IRA..


NV: How did you stumble upon your first investment? Did you know it was a good deal from the get-go?

GP: I first opened an account with NuView in 2011, but I had begun purchasing investment property back in 2009. I have aligned myself with mostly real estate deals since I am most familiar with this area due to my experience in the banking industry. Through NuView I have been able to complete two deals last year and an additional two this year. NuView has truly made this process as seamless as possible. Although I was excited about the prospect of this new way to access more capital, receive tax incentives, and earn a higher return in a less volatile market, I did not expect the actual process to be as harmonious as previously explained to me. In addition, individuals in the transaction department such as Mandi Howell have continued to be helpful in answering any questions in a timely and professional manner. I very much appreciate the quality of account activity reporting done by NuView as well.


NV: When did you realize that self-direction was more powerful that your previous retirement plans?

GP: I started investing in real estate prior to opening an account with NuView in 2011, but once I was able to use more capital via my retirement funds to do those kinds of deals I was able to appreciate larger returns on those investments. I also wanted an investment vehicle that could offer more control than I was previously accustomed to such as investments in the stock market for example. Further, with NuView I was able to invest more money without as much volatility but a chance of higher returns.

NV: Do you have any tips for fellow self-directors?

GP: I remain a strong advocate of asking a lot of questions and investing in what you know. In my case, I was able to leverage knowledge and experience from the banking industry and other areas of finance in general. However, knowledge alone is not enough. You MUST engage in ample due diligence in order to make informed decisions and keep tabs on all your investments. Staying engaged in the process usually requires more time than traditional investment vehicles, but if you have the time, experience, and willingness to learn new things, self-direction via alternative assets is well worth the effort.


We love sharing stories like Greg's. These narratives are the reason we do what we do here at NuView IRA. If you or someone you know has really made something special with their self-directed IRA, we want to know. Please contact our marketing manager, Lauren Joos, at ljoos@nuviewira.com to be considered for our next Success Story Spotlight.

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