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IRA Insights

Feb. 2015 Newsletter

Company News


NuView IRA will be closed in honor of Presidents Day on February 16th.

 NuView Events

We host monthly introductory and advanced self-directed IRA courses at our office headquarters.

Central Florida Events

You Will Also Find a NuView Professional At These Events

Central Florida Realty Investors Association General Meeting

Wednesday, February 4th

Wednesday, March 4th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info


Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Thursday, February 5th

Thursday, March 5th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info


Investors Resource Center General Meeting

Thursday, February 19th

Thursday, March 19th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info

Message from our President

Recently on my commute to work, I spoke with a commercial realtor about office leasing, my attorney about establishing a new LLC, and a cabinet provider about a rehab project I was working on. Not bad for a 30 minute commute, but it dawned on me on how dependent I have become on the advice of experts around me.



As an investor, my relationships are much different than those that concentrate their retirement funds in the stock market. I’m far more interested in real estate, tax liens, notes, and business start-ups. This is true for my 401k, IRA, Roth IRA and even my non-retirement funds. My advisors are not experienced in selecting the next great mutual fund, but certainly can point out the best cash flow property in the neighborhood. These advisors may not be versed in calculating price/earnings ratios, yet they can help structure a private mortgage that will protect the IRA lender.


How can you develop your own relationships with advisors for your self-directed IRA? An easy step is to let people know about your unique investment interests, and you will be surprised on how quickly you will be introduced to professionals who can help. Get in the mainstream of where like-minded investors gather, such as local investment clubs, professional associations, and educational events. 


Another great option is attending NuView’s client events, and if you're not nearby you can join us in our new series of live webinars to connect you with other like-minded investors. You might end up having a conversation as I did on my morning commute with Jeff, a long time self-directed IRA investor who recently purchased three small lots in a downtown area during the recent market downturn. He just sold the first two for a profit of over $128,000 and is negotiating with a builder to have his IRA hold a note at 8.5% while a new townhome is erected on the third lot. A return of 87% on just the first two lots, without taxation, is helping his IRA grow beyond his expectations. He relied on real estate expertise to forecast where the market was going and accurately predicted the future appreciation.


Self-directing your IRA doesn't mean you have to go-it-alone. Start collecting advisors, and be ready to help others with your knowledge. You will be surprised how quickly your network will grow!


All the best in your investments,



It All Starts With Saving

We generally become the summation of our habits, the outgrowth of our discipline, and the energy of our ambitions.


Ever hear anyone say, when challenged about their attitudes and habits, “I’m sorry, but that’s just the way I am?” I’m certain that they don’t mean to convey that they are unwilling to evolve or change, even in a positive way, but those statements reinforce the sense that they feel content with their current situation no matter how negative it may be.


When is it too late? Only when you can no longer effect change.  As long as a conscious effort can be exerted, you still have time.


Last month, I read a wonderful book called Cash Flow Diary by J Massey. When I met Massey, I saw him speak in front of hundreds of investors, and later I invited him to speak at our annual Planning for Prosperity conference in Orlando. I had a very unusual response to his book on real estate investing – I started flossing regularly...READ MORE




Demographics and Scarcity Converge: The Baby Boomers Move South

By: Michael Cobb

If you had a time machine and could see the future, would you be able to make better decisions? Would you be a better investor? They seem like silly questions, but we would make better decisions if we knew the future, wouldn’t we? If we could see what was going to happen, we would develop products and services that everyone wants and needs, and then of course, we’d do very well for ourselves.   


While we can’t go forward in time for a sneak peek, we can spot emerging trends. When the macro-demographics line up behind that trend, get ready. There is going to be a lot of money to be made by somebody. Why not you?   


I was among those fortunate enough to be a part of the early computer wave of the late 1980’s and early 90’s. Now the truth be told, it wasn’t foresight that put me there…just plain luck. But there I was, and it was a great time to be in the computer business. 


The major reason the tech sector performed so well when it did was the combination of two factors. The Baby Boomers moved into management positions in industry at the same time that the personal computer became a product mature enough to be of significant useful value for individuals and corporations. It was a powerful convergence of two factors that lead to the great adoption of PC’s and their massive widespread use. It also helped that the Baby Boomers generally rebelled against centralized authority. Remember the Apple commercial railing against Big Brother?...READ MORE

Success Story Spotlight

This month’s spotlight shines on Mark Nugent, an independent general contractor that has a passion for buying and flipping real estate. Mark grew up in Chicago, where his parents had a hand in the real estate market. After moving to Jacksonville and obtaining his Florida General Contracting and Real Estate Agent licenses, Mark started investing in properties across Jacksonville in stable areas where he would want to live with his family. Here are some highlights from our interview with Mark:

NuView IRA: When did you first hear about self-directed IRAs?

Mark Nugent: I first heard about self-directed IRAs back in 2006 when I was attending the JaxREIA events, and for me it was a no-brainer to transfer my IRA over from Morgan Stanley. I'm not kidding - I probably tell people about self-directed IRAs 3-5 times a week. I am nothing but satisfied with NuView and it's team.


NV: What is your personal investment philosophy?

MN: My philosophy is to always look for investments that will make a profit. I look for what other investments I can buy at a discount, change the value of in at least 8 weeks, and turn around to sell it for a profit that people need. Almost like a car but not everyone needs a car. Housing is a necessity.

NV: If you could invest in anything with no restrictions, what would you invest in?

MN: I probably wouldn’t change a thing. Real estate has been my passion for a long time, and it’s something that I have been blessed with a skillset that plays into those investments. Even when the market goes down, you can always make some sort of profit. You just have to know how to play it and know your target market.

NV: Are there any tips that you can give to current or future investors?

MN: You can never start saving too early - you have to pay yourself first. Investing is all about return. It’s something I have tried to instill in my kids from a young age, and investing through self-directed IRAs gives so many choices that there is always money to be made.

We love sharing stories like Mark’s. These narratives are the reason we do what we do here at NuView IRA. If you or someone you know has really made something special with their self-directed IRA, we want to know. Please contact our marketing manager, Lauren Keys, at lkeys@nuviewira.com to be considered for our next Success Story Spotlight.

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