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IRA Insights

Jan. 2015 Newsletter

Company News


All fair market value forms were mailed out in December and are due by January 15th.

 NuView Events
We host monthly introductory and advanced self-directed IRA courses at our office headquarters:
Central Florida Events
You Will Also Find a NuView Professional At These Events

Central Florida Realty Investors Association General Meeting

Wednesday, January 7th

Wednesday, February 4th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info


Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Thursday, January 8th

Thursday, February 5th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info


 Investors Resource Center General Meeting

Thursday, January 15th

Thursday, February 19th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info

Message from our President

Welcome to the new year!

We've seen 2015 open with far more optimism than has been present in the past seven years - employment is up, housing prices are climbing, and even the conventional financial markets have hit new highs.


Yet, many IRA holders are concerned about where to invest their next dollar, as purchasing assets at their historic highs may not be that attractive.

The primary advantage of a self-directed IRA is the amount of investment choices it affords. However, the broadness of those options can stymie even the most confident investor. Also, without a financial advisor or stock picker to guide the investor, many end up feeling ill-equipped to move away from the traditional mutual funds.

It all comes down to education - learning about some of your self-directed options then balancing the risks and rewards in such a way that you meet your goals and sleep soundly at night.

To that goal, NuView will be participating in a broad spectrum of events and speaking engagements throughout the country in 2015. In addition to hosting our own events in and around our headquarters in Central Florida, we have been asked to participate in many events nationally.

Please visit our revamped website for a calendar of events, three of which are major conferences in very interesting settings this quarter. Not only will you learn an incredible amount from the presenters, but NuView will be speaking at each conference about how the investments can be purchased and held within a NuView IRA. I've personally attended these events previously and used what I learned in my personal investing strategies.

February 6-7 in Las Vegas: Secrets of Successful Syndication, led by Russell Gray and Robert Helms, this event provides the tasks to successfully form groups of investors to syndicate real estate deals.

February 19-20 in Las Vegas: This National Real Estate Conference focuses on in private money financing. Headed up by Leonard Rosen, the event covers on all aspects of hard money and private mortgage financing, including syndication. A dozen speakers will share their expertise in how to use other people's funds, including funds from IRAs, to build a lending practice.

March 6-14 in Miami: The Real Estate Radio Guys Investor Summit at Sea brings together more than twenty experts covering oil and gas, real estate, syndications, resort property, farmland, apartment buildings, and precious metal investments, all during a weeklong cruise throughout the Caribbean.

March 14-19 in Belize: Sponsored and hosted by asset protection attorney Joel Nagel, president of Nagel Law, this event targets CEOs, CFOS, and managing general partners of businesses as well as high net worth individuals and institutional investors. Multiple experts will cover topics such as international banking and real estate, foreign residency and retirement, capitalizing on demographics and geo-political opportunities for unique investments, and using trusts and IBCs to safeguard your assets.  

While NuView never endorses investments, it is important that we all continue to educate ourselves about the choices available. If I don’t see you in Las Vegas, Miami, or Belize this spring, you can always drop by our office and let us buy you coffee.

May you and your family have a wonderful 2015, and all the best in your investments,



Guest Webinar - Angel Investments in Deep Technology

Many investors have turned to investing platforms to find their next deal. IRAs can participate in emerging businesses in much the same way. While many start-ups pitched on these platforms have focused primarily on Internet-based enterprises, or those that produce consumer goods, or social, local, and mobile apps, there are many startups built around "deep technology." These deep technology companies are rooted in a scientific discovery or true technological innovation. The founders of Propel(x), a deep technology investing platform, will educate attendees during a one-hour webinar on how to better understand deep technology pitches before buying in.

Join us:

Tuesday, January 20th

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST


Don't Forget the Title Insurance

Greg Fencik is an attorney licensed to practice law in Florida since 1992. He is admitted to practice before Florida state courts, the U.S. Supreme Court, the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Federal District Courts for the Middle and Southern Districts of Florida. He is a certified circuit court mediator. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He received a juris doctorate degree from Tulane University. He engages in business law, business consultations, and real estate law, as well as handles financing placements and credit facilities. In addition, Greg teaches real estate law at the University of Central Florida. He may be reached by email here.


In real property law, title is the means whereby a person’s right to property is established. Title should not be confused with a deed. A deed is merely a piece of paper that serves as evidence of title. The possessor of a deed may not, in fact, have legal title to the property described in a deed. For example, a deed may be forged. A deed may be one of multiple deeds issued by a prior property owner. A deed may stem from a deed that was one of multiple deeds issued by a prior property owner. There may be a mistake in the description of the property in a deed. In these instances, the person who has the deed may not have...READ MORE


15 Critical "Must Ask" Questions When Buying Real Estate Overseas

By: Michael Cobb

At the height of a successful career in the computer industry, Michael Cobb left to pursue pioneering opportunities in the emerging markets of Central America. He formed ECI Development, a multi-country developer with projects in 5 countries: Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador. The model is based on the Del Webb Sun City active senior communities in the U.S., and it serves North American consumers with familiar product in multiple geographies.

Part three of three


Part three of the 15 Critical “Must Ask” Questions when Buying Real Estate Overseas deals with “Knowing the Developer” and using the marriage analogy here is appropriate. Not many of us meet a girl in a bar and get married the next day, but it does happen. When it does it might fall under the category of “Margarita Madness,” a malady that sadly affects many travelers to Latin America as well as they are struck by marriage at first site.


So when you decide that you want to own a piece of property outside North America, you should consider it like a marriage. Generally, we get to know several ladies in our lives, find one that is a very good fit, court her for weeks, months, or even years, and then after we know her pretty well we ask her if she’ll marry us. If she says yes, we tie the knot...READ MORE

Success Story Spotlight

This month’s spotlight shines on Jody Burttram, founding principal of the private equity investment firm Harbinger Capital Advisors in Orlando, Florida. Jody has more than 20 years of experience in structured debt and capital markets finance and his MBA in International Finance. Here Jody shares some of his secrets:

NuView IRA: When did you first hear about self-directed IRAs?

Jody Burttram: Because I invest in the types of deals I had experience with them through my day-to-day work, I asked my administrator at the time, Fidelity, if I could do these private equity investments in my IRA, but they were unable to accommodate my direct investments. My CPA recommended I open a self-directed IRA with NuView.

NV: What was your first self-directed investment?

JB: Probably back in 2006 I did my first deal - a PODs franchise in New Jersey. The franchises became available over time, and they were a great business model. PODs are rented primarily to individuals on a monthly basis, and then the business generates cashflow on a quarterly basis within my IRA.

NV: How did you come across a deal like that?

JB: Everything I've done, and the investor network I've built personally, has been through word-of-mouth and networking. I don't use business brokers or anything to find my investments, I come across them from one business person to another.

NV: What is your personal investment philosophy?

JB: Keep it simple - if it takes a rocket scientist to understand you probably shouldn't be involved. Your IRA isn’t really a place to hold high risk investments, but that's what I like about self-direction - it promotes longer term investments. The more you forget the cashflow coming in and just reinvest those dollars, you'll just look up one day and your account is way more than it was before.

We love sharing stories like Jody's. These narratives are the reason we do what we do here at NuView IRA. If you or someone you know has really made something special with their self-directed IRA, we want to know. Please contact our marketing manager, Lauren Keys, at lkeys@nuviewira.com to be considered for our next Success Story Spotlight.

Orlando – Company Headquarters | 1064 Greenwood Blvd., Suite 312 | Lake Mary, FL 32746 | 407-367-3472

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