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IRA Insights

January 2014 Newsletter

Upcoming News

We are pleased to announce the work anniversaries of our very own Scott and Christina. Thanks for making the last two years great, guys!
We will close at 12 pm on MLK Day, January 20th.
Any outstanding Fair Market Values are due to us for processing by January 15th.
Year-end statements and 1099s for the 2013 tax year will distributed January 31st.
 NuView Events

Central Florida Events
South Florida Events
Ohio Events
Non-NuView Events

Jacksonville Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Thursday, January 2nd

6:00pm - 9:00pm

More Info


Central Florida Realty Investors Association General Meeting

Wednesday, January 8th

6:00pm - 9:00pm

More Info

Broward Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Wednesday, January 8th

5:30pm - 7:00pm

More Info

Akron/Canton Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Wednesday, January 8th

7:00pm - 9:00pm

More Info

Dade Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Wednesday, January 15th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info

Investors Resource Center General Meeting

Thursday, January 16th

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info

Palm Beach Investors Association General Meeting

Tuesday, January 21st
6:30 pm - 8:45 pm

More Info

Great Lakes Real Estate Investors Association General Meeting

Tuesday, January 21st

5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

More Info

Message from our President

Welcome to 2014 and to the opportunity that a restart provides. Not to be too morbid, but I have used the new year as a time to meet with an estate planning attorney to update my will and beneficiaries, which was last revisited eight years ago. As part of that process, I learned that the beneficiaries that I have named on my self-directed IRAs will take precedence over who I name in my will. For me, and for many of you, the sums in those accounts may possibly be the largest investments that our heirs will inherit.

Join me in using the the new year, January in particular, to get a retirement investment tune-up. Determine how aggressive you can be in setting aside earnings for contributions to your IRAs. Adjust your portfolio to reflect your tolerance of risk/reward and the uniqueness of the current market conditions. Expand your advisor base to find new opportunities and to better assess your investment choices. Oh, and make sure your beneficiaries that you have on file with us reflect your current wishes.

Last time I met with my CPA, I learned that many of the tax breaks and deductions have been eliminated or indexed away starting in 2013. IRAs, and by extension 401(k)s and other employer plans, may be the last bastion of tax deferral or avoidance. Use your CPA's knowledge to ensure your broadest possible advantage.

Remember, you can always give us a call - we're here to help administer your accounts to achieve your goals. Keep a look out for our next client event coming up in March; our social committee is hard at work planning something great.

All the best in your investments in 2014, 

Glen Mather

Real Property vs Market Investment

David Hoyle is the founder and managing broker of Old Florida Properties LLC, a licensed real estate brokerage firm located in downtown Orlando. You can contact David by phone at 407-529-4621, or you can visit his website at www.old-fl.com for more information.

After spending more than 20 years on Wall Street as a partner in a major investment firm, I now focus on providing a cost effective way for others to invest in the real property market through self-directed investment programs. I believe there is no better way to diversify capital market risks, better-known as stock market risks, than through the introduction of tax-deferred investments in income-producing assets into an individual investor’s portfolio. 

I hope that as you and I look into our collective crystal balls of the future, we recognize the following...READ MORE

What’s different in 2014 for self-directed IRAs?

The public stock market exchanges have had a remarkable year – with the Dow Jones Industrial average up 22% and the Nasdaq up an amazing 33%. Yet, interestingly enough, the growth of self-directed IRAs continues unabated. Why? Many investors would prefer to invest in what they know and understand, and in many instances believe that by making their own decisions they will have a better long term result.   

Quite frankly, the best news is that Congress and the IRS have pretty much left IRAs alone, although rumors are swirling about potential curtailments on conversions to Roth IRAs. The good news is there have been no changes to the contribution limits for any of the IRA vehicles this year. The only change in this arena is largely around income limits for eligibility to contribute or tax deductions for those contributions...READ MORE

Success Story Spotlight

This month's spotlight shines on Mike, who has enjoyed the rewards of his self-directed IRA since he retired in 2005 from his position as a financial manager for a Fortune 500 company. He first learned about self-directed IRAs during a lunch with like-minded investors sharing their secrets to success - one of which was NuView IRA. Here he shares what he has learned on his journey with self-direction:

NuView: Tell us about your first investment.

Mike: I’ve been investing in real estate for many years. My method for purchasing property prior to opening a self-directed IRA with NuView was through financing and cash options. Self-direction offered another method of purchasing, but what was ideal about it was the fact any gains are TAX-DEFERRED.

NV: What is your favorite aspect of self-directing your retirement account? 

M: Deferring the taxable income to time of withdrawal and not at the time of sale (i.e. Capital Gains). For Roth IRAs, limiting taxable income all together. Also, not having to file yearly federal taxes as it relates to gains in my IRA(s).

NV: What is your preferred investment, and how many deals have you done in regard to it?

M: I prefer real estate-distressed properties (e.g. Short Sales, Bank Owned, etc.). I have also partnered with other friends using IRAs and/or cash to close on these types of deals. Since 2010, I have invested in approximately 8 different property types.

NV: Do you have any tips for fellow self-directors? 

M: Yes, you need to do your homework on the asset you are purchasing. Doing due diligence on the investment does not change just because it’s in an IRA. Also, you must stay actively involved in overseeing/managing your investments. Many investors seem to make a purchase or two, but then do not stay actively involved with the asset(s). You have to stay involved! And when it comes to real estate, it really is all about "Location, Location, Location."

We love sharing stories like Mike's. These narratives are the reason we do what we do here at NuView IRA. If you or someone you know has really made something special with their self-directed IRA, we want to know. Please contact our marketing manager, Lauren Joos, at ljoos@nuviewira.com to be considered for our next Success Story Spotlight.

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