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Dog of the Week

 Kai Kai Needs A Home!


 Kai Kai has been at HALO for quite some time...despite her lovely smile!


"Hi, I'm Kai Kai!  I'm 2 1/2 years old and I'm a Boxer and Australian Cattle dog mix, with a pinch of Parson Russell Terrier also... with the DNA test to prove it!  Because of my particular mix of breeds, I have lots of energy! True to my Boxer roots, I love to jump up and wrestle. True to my Cattle dog roots, I love to be useful and out and about with my family.  And true to my Parson Russell Terrier roots I am very treat-motivated and smart, and I learn tricks and commands easily. I already know some basic commands such as sit and shake!"


Maybe you or someone you know is a hiker, jogger, or has a lot of play-time on their hands?


Kai Kai in her kennel, a little sleepy after a big lunch.


Kai Kai in the shelter lobby, staring lovingly at the receptionist.


"I would love to go home to a big yard where I can get lots of play time. I play well with other dogs, unless they're very dominant. I love to fetch and will even jump into the air to get a ball. Getting me lots and lots of toys to play with will keep me happy and entertained. I have been in a home with kids who I absolutely love, but I do get a little rambunctious when I'm excited, so it would be best if I went to a home with older children. I love to go hiking and my last dad would even have me pull him on the skateboard which was so much fun! My last family says I am house trained and used to sleeping in my kennel at night. In a home environment I know not to bark unless there is a good reason to, but at HALO I do bark while in my kennel so when you come to meet me please give me a chance to introduce myself outside. Will you make today my lucky day?"


Kai Kai is a star!  Her mug is featured on the front of our donation cards.


She has been at HALO's shelter since February of this year.  As much as we love her to bits, it's time for her to find a real, permanent home!  Her adoption fee has been reduced to only $25, which includes her vaccinations, spay, dewormers, microchip, collar with tags, and a big black and white speckled bundle of love and entertainment!


See Kai Kai and the other dogs up for adoption on our website.


See Kai Kai in action in her short YouTube video!

Give Your Heap to the Homeless Animals





HALO has partnered with Goodwill of Arizona and can now accept donated cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more! 


The average donated vehicle will generate enough funds to buy ten new dog kennels, treat 50 animals with antibiotics, or spay/neuter 25 dogs and cats!  That’s a huge difference you can make in these animals’ lives, and it’s tax deductible too. 


Contact Shelly at the shelter for more information: (602)971-9222 ext.110 or shelly@halorescue.org


Donate your clunker to the creatures and support two amazing

Arizona nonprofits today.


Our Greatest Current Need



 We need baby food!


"Chicken" or "Chicken and Gravy" only please (no rice, no veggies, etc.)


We're all out of baby food.  We use it for feeding animals with an eyedropper who are too sick to eat on their own.  For example, cats whose noses are too stuffed up to smell their food often will stop eating.  If we don't feed them by hand, their organs could shut down and they could die.  Donating baby food helps our furry babies who are feeling very under the weather.


Here's one of the many online merchants that sells baby food. You could even order some and have it shipped straight to the shelter!  That would be amazing!  Our shelter's address is 5231 N. 35th Ave. in Phoenix, 85017.  Otherwise you could always drop it off at the shelter so we can thank you in person, or make a donation on our website.  So we know you want us to use your donation to buy baby food, just put "baby food" in the shipping instructions section in Paypal.


Thank you for all of your support!

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