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Shannon's Happy Ending



"This is my favorite photo of me and my new sister!"



“Hello to all of my good friends at HALO Animal Rescue!  My name is Shannon, and I was adopted on March 26, 2010 by the perfect family. During the whole ride home I laid on my mommy's lap and ever since then the cuddling began. They kept my name as Shannon, but nicknamed me "Nanna".


I was introduced to my sister Jasmine who at first I didn't get along with, but we are now inseparable. I like to think I am a mommy's girl, but my sister and I get spoiled to no end. I am very energetic, full of life, and I make my mommy and daddy laugh at all the crazy stuff I do. I like to chew on sticks, chase my tail, bring rocks in the house, and play with my sister. I absolutely love sleeping and cuddling in mommy and daddy's bed at night, playing ball, sharing popsicles with my mommy, and giving kisses.



Of course there are some things I'm still working on, but they are a work in progress. These include getting over my habit of chewing on things like daddy's shoes, mommy's slippers, and the new couch (this is my favorite to chew). Mommy and daddy aren't happy about it, but they are very patient while I overcome this. Plus how can they stay mad or upset with me when I do my famous sassy wag (I get so excited and my tail wags so much my whole body pretty much bends in half)?  It makes them crack up laughing. They almost changed my name to Sassy because of it!



I am now over a year old and a HUGE cuddle bug. I like to think I'm a lap dog even though I'm a BIG girl. My mommy and daddy have taught me many tricks like sit, stay, how not to jump on people when I get excited, and how to have manners. We are now hoping to master "shake."


Thank you for placing me with the perfect family, who loves me unconditionally!”


Bets for Pets - We Need More Poker Players!



May 20th, 7pm to 10pm


Don't forget our poker tournament fundraiser is coming up!  Come play No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em and raise some much-needed funding for the homeless animals that we rescue from the danger of euthanasia.


Buy-In: $50

**$5 OFF (only $45) if you register by April 22nd!**

This is the real deal, a professionally managed poker tournament with casino style tables and expert dealers.  Cheap buy-in, great prizes!  To play in the tournament, call 602-971-9222 ext 110 to register by May 10th.


1st Prize: Luxury Phoenix Staycation

2nd Prize: Spa Day Getaway

3rd Prize: Date Night Gift Basket


 We're off to a good start, but we still need more players!

Do you know anyone who plays poker?  Send them our way!


Here's the event flyer.

Call 602-971-9222 ext 110 or email shelly@haloresue.org for registration information.

Cheers to the Animals!




Hey you, animal lover!  Yes, you!  Aren't you running a bit low on wine?  And aren't you running extremely low on wine that raises funds to care for homeless animals?


HALO now has it's very own line of Benefit Wines.  A big chunk of the proceeds of each bottle comes back to HALO so we can save the lives of more dogs and cats.


All the wines are ORGANIC and VEGAN!  These wines aren't filtered through powdered bone.  These grapes aren't sprayed with uberchemicals.  These wines are made the way you wish they all were!


And by the way, no giving Fido a little pour into his doggie dish.  Same goes for Fluffy... you know how she gets.  You can have your Pinot all to yourself, Fido and Fluffy will stick with tuna water.  Just don't expect them to drive you home.


Place your order online:





Chihuahua Races - Booth to benefit HALO



Chihuahua Races!  Oooh so fun!


The annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration honors the Hispanic community's many contributions to the City of Chandler. The festival also features the popular Chihuahua Races and the crowning of the King and Queen Chihuahua. In addition to the popular Chihuahua Races, the event will have two stages of entertainment, the Día de los Niños Health Fair, food vendors, and kids activities.

Saturday, May 7, 2011
Downtown Chandler Public Library Courtyard
22 S. Delaware Place
10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m

  • Free Admission
  • Watching the races is also free
  • Food and beverages will be available for purchase
  • Two Stages of Entertainment
  • Chihuahua Races & King and Queen Coronation

This event draws hundreds of Chihuahuas and their people, and it is always a lot of fun!


This year's event will also feature  "THE CHIHUAHUA STORE", which will offer Chihuahua tee shirts, bumper stickers, Doggles, and other Chihuahua themed items for sale.




Thank you so much to Beth Lockhart for doing this for the animals at our shelter.

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