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Maggie: Once Homeless, Now A Happy Bellyflopper



This is Maggie, adopted by the Edwards family this year.  She has quickly settled in and become a constant companion to her new owners. Her favorite activity is doing bellyflops into the pool and swimming with her new family!  Maggie's story is just one example of a family who wanted a new furry family member and took the opportunity to save a life.


See the video about Maggie


Thank you so much to Keith Yaskin of The Flip Side Communications for creating this video for HALO. 

The animals are so grateful for your help getting them adopted! 




 Should You Adopt From A Shelter?


When you want to add an animal to your family, where do you look first?


Every day at HALO we see the importance of this moment. What you choose will have an effect on an animal out there.  In that moment, you have the chance to save a life!


People who irresponsibly choose to breed their pets for fun or for profit are encouraged to do so by the number of people willing to take in, or even purchase these pets.  When people choose to add a pet to their family, they choose to adopt from a shelter only 18% of the time.  Raising this number by just a little bit could eliminate the overpopulation problem.


Whether you want a baby animal, an adult, or a senior... a mixed-breed or purebred... a "blank slate" or a trained companion, you can find the perfect animal for you at a shelter.


Choose to adopt!  It does make a difference!




Pet of the Week - Tinkerbell




This is Tinkerbell.  She's been at HALO for awhile now and she needs a forever home!  Her owners surrendered her because they had lost their home and could no longer afford to care for her.  She is a very sweet kitty with a pretty little face and a very feminine meow! She is not fond of dogs but she does well with other cats.  Any takers on this lovely little lady?


See all of the adoptable dogs! 


See all of the adoptable cats!


Article:  HALO Receives $200,000 Grant from PetSmart Charities




 In the world of animal shelters, no-kill rescues and large county shelters rarely get along, but Heather Allen, Executive Director of HALO Animal Rescue, sees no reason why it has to be that way.  “We’re in the same boat.  No one wants these dogs and cats to be needlessly euthanized,” she said.  “We’ve been working together with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control to find ways to eliminate this tragedy.”


In Maricopa County, nearly 50,000 shelter pets each year are euthanized.  The reason so many do not leave the shelters alive?  Many of the dogs and cats are simply sick, too young for adoption, or too timid and scared.  HALO, which stands for Helping Animals Live On, is devoted to saving these pets.  The non-profit organization rescues animals in danger of being euthanized and then finds them loving new homes.


It didn’t take long for these rescued animals to fill HALO’s shelter. Animals that were once days (or hours) from being euthanized filled kennels lining every available wall in every room of the small no-kill shelter.  Hearing of their plight, and recognizing the good work HALO was doing, Animal Care and Control stepped up to help.  Animal Control had extra room, and with the goal of reducing euthanasia they were willing to let HALO move into their west valley shelter. 


HALO has now converted two underutilized parts of Animal Control’s building into additional treatment space for HALO dogs and cats to call home while they are being prepared for adoption.  The shelters will keep their own policies and procedures (HALO remains committed to no-kill standards).


“We figured, why build a whole new building when the shelter space is already there?” Allen pointed out.  HALO is now working to raise funds for animal care to keep the new space full and save as many animals as possible. 


Much of the initial funding is being provided by a generous grant from PetSmart Charities®.  “By creating an innovative collaboration, HALO Animal Rescue is dedicating itself to solving the problem of homeless-pet overpopulation,” said Susan Della Maddalena, vice president and executive director of PetSmart Charities, Inc.  “PetSmart Charities is proud to support partnerships like these that make such a difference to the local community.”


When the new space is in full use, HALO expects to be able to save up to 1,900 additional animals each year.  And with the collaboration underway, HALO has already begun to see an increase in adoptions.



Thank you PetSmart Charities for making it possible

for HALO to save more lives! 




Let's Review The Basics...

The problem:  Pet Overpopulation. 

Almost 50,000 dogs and cats were euthanized last year in Phoenix shelters.


How you can help solve it:



your pets from shelters (rather than pet stores, craigslist, or backyard breeders)



your time at your local shelter



to help cover the cost of spay/neuter, vaccinations, medical care, adoptions services for homeless animals


Spay or Neuter

all the dogs and cats in your household, even if they're indoor-only.  Have feet, will travel!  Low-cost options are always available for those who are afraid they cannot afford it.



to your pets for their whole lives. They're joining your family!  You wouldn't disown a family member just because you moved to a new apartment.



for the animals who have no one else.  Inform your friends and family about the pet overpopulation problem, particularly the importance of spay/neuter and adopting from shelters.




Do you have a spare minute to rate us?



HALO is now featured on the website Great Nonprofits.  If you've had a good experience with HALO, you can help us out by taking just a couple minutes to write a review.  This site will help us spread the word about our work saving animals from euthanasia.  Thank you!



Strut Your Mutt - Walk for HALO




One of our amazing volunteers is organizing a Strut Your Mutt Pet Walk to benefit HALO! 


9/24 at 10am (9am for walkers) at Roadrunner Park


If you would like to help out by joining or supporting them, see their team page.


$10 Microchipping is Back!



Our Greatest Current Need



 We need flea/tick preventative! 


All of the dogs at the shelter receive a flea, tick, and lice preventative when we take them in.  We don't want our furry friends getting chiggers!  Problem is, we're running out of the topical, over-the-counter treatment.


The brand we prefer is called Fiproguard, which has the same active ingredient as Frontline but is available over-the-counter.  It's highly effective, safe, fast-acting and non-greasy.  It's more fun to pet a dog that doesn't have that greasy-shoulders look! 


Can you help de-tickify the doggies?


If you would like to have some shipped to the shelter, here are some of the many online merchants who sell it (our favorite is Fiproguard):



Ryan's Pet Supplies

    Our shelter's address is 5231 N. 35th Ave. in Phoenix, 85017. 

Otherwise you could always drop some off at the shelter so we can thank you in person, or make a donation on our website.  Just put "flea&tick" in the comments section.  If we are lucky enough to receive more than enough to restock our flea and tick preventative, any remaining will go toward the cost of other medication, vaccines, etc. for the animals! 



Thank you so much for keeping them tickless! 



P.S. Look at all the new ceramic bowls!  You guys are such a great support system for our furry friends. 


Thank you for supporting our mission of Helping Animals Live On.

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