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Our Fuzzy Friends are Out of Toys!


 Kitteh want toy!


Animals in a shelter environment are often in their kennels for long periods of time.  At HALO, one thing we strongly believe is that every dog and cat deserves to have toys to entertain themselves.  We wouldn't want them to get bored or upset, we want them to spend their time playing!


We are running low on toys for the cats and dogs.  

We need some help!   


HALO's toy bin...literally down to the bottom of the barrell!


Here are some examples of what we need:  Kongs, plush toys, squeaky toys, pressed rawhide bones, cat wand toys, furry mice, scratching posts, tug ropes, doggie tennis balls, rubber and latex toys, nylabones, etc. 


If you would like to drop off some donated toys to the animals at HALO, please bring them to our shelter on 35th Avenue just north of Camelback (5231 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85017)

Map of our shelter's location.


Want to order online and ship the toys to our shelter?  Our address is 5231 N. 35th Ave. Phoenix, AZ 85017.  Here are a few options:


Cat toys at Ryan's Pet Supplies

Dog toys at Ryan's Pet Supplies

Rawhide Bones (compressed) at Ryan's Pet Supplies

Cat toys at Petsmart.com

Dog toys at Petsmart.com


If you would rather donate cash for us to use to buy toys, simply type "toys" in the shipping instructions section when making your online donation through our website.


 I think they're tuckered out from eating toys all day...you crazy puppies!


Thanks for helping them have some fun while they're with us!

Adoptions are on the Rise

So far, 2011 has been an amazing year for HALO.  We’ve been getting our name out more in the media so that people know that we’re a great option when they’re ready to adopt their next pet.  We’ve also been experimenting with reduced (and even waived) adoption fees to try and find these guys homes.  Remember that at HALO, as soon as we adopt out an animal, we go back and save another!


As of right now, drumroll please...adoptions are up by 25%! 


This is an incredible increase over last year, and we can do even more thanks to your support!  Here are some ways you can help us continue to increase adoptions:


-Adopt your animals:  When it’s time to add a new furry family member, you know what to do.  You have the chance to save a life so do it!


-Encourage adoption to friends and family:  When people buy puppies and kittens from backyard breeders, it contributes to pet overpopulation.  Tell people that they have the chance to save a life by adopting, and that shelter animals are just as great.  Their preferred breed, puppies, kittens, pre-trained, whatever you want can probably be found in a shelter!


-Keep up the good work.  Being supporters of HALO helps the animals find new homes.


Time to go home, Riley!

Visionaries HALO Video Teaser



Check out the shorter version of the Visionaries documentary that shows you a day in the life of HALO Animal Rescue! The full length version will be shown on PBS in late 2011. We want to thank PetSmart Charities for sponsoring the making of this documentary.  Watch it and tell us what you think!


The trailer is posted on the HALO youtube channel.




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