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How Many Animals is HALO Saving?




Well?  How many animals has HALO saved this year?


 Our adoption numbers are still through the roof.  As of today, we have had... drumroll please...


 3,480 adoptions so far in 2011!


This is an incredible increase over last year's adoption number of 2,594.  34% more adoptions is just astounding.  That's 886 MORE amazing cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies that went to new homes this year than last thanks to our work.  We have also started a new transport program in November where we have sent over a dozen of our small dogs up to a shelter in Prescott, where small dogs are scarce in the shelter to help increase our lifesaving efforts in Phoenix.  Saving lives is what HALO does best.  There is nothing more rewarding than that! 


 What does it mean to save 3,480 animals?  Think about them one at a time!


Cajun... we saved him!


Snoopy...we saved him, too! 


 It's hard to wrap your head that number. Each and every one of them are such individuals with their own likes, dislikes, and their own unique sweet faces.  So many more sweet faces went to great new homes this year. Think of Cajun and Snoopy... then try to think of how amazing 3,480 is! 


There is still a little time left in 2011, so hopefully we'll have a handful more adoptions by the end of the year!



 HALO just keeps on growing...

so we can do more and more for our furry friends.


We won't stop here... there are more animals to save.  Stay tuned to see what amazing things we will accomplish together for the animals in our community in 2012!

Happy Tails



 So many wonderful dogs and cats have found a second chance at happiness this year, thanks to the support of people like you!  We ask adopters to send us updates and photos of their new family members from HALO.  We love to see them happy in their new homes!


Here are two little sweeties who were recently adopted.  Read how they're doing...




Celeste, adopted November 9th 


"Celeste is doing fine. The cat instantly adjusted to its new environment. She sleeps with us every night. The cat plays, eats and sleeps. It is totally entertaining for us. When I work with the computer, (I’m a writer), the cat sits on my tool box and watches me type until it falls asleep. "


-Dave and Alana (Phoenix)



Jack Daniel, adopted on December 19th


"Jack Daniel is doing great! We re-named him Boomer and he is adjusting to his new home wonderfully. He is a little love bug and loves to cuddle. We just love him and he seems to love us right back. He is making progress with potty training and I plan to enroll him in training at PetSmart soon. Thanks for rescuing him so that we could adopt him!"


-Lauri (Mesa)


Please encourage your friends and family to save a life... by adopting a shelter pet!


'Tis the Season...


To Make a Tax-Deductible Year-End Gift to the Animals! 




Contribute to the 2011 Holiday Donation Drive


Please help us help the homeless animals by making a personal gift to HALO's 2011 Holiday Donation Drive. 


Our goal was to raise $25,000 (enough funds to spay or neuter a whopping 500 homeless dogs and cats). 


So far, $25,501 has been donated by the amazing and generous animal lovers in our community to the fund drive.   We've met our goal, wahoo!  Thank you so much to those who have contributed!


But there are always more animals needing our help.  We would love to be able to do even more for the animals, and with your support, we can.


 Please make a donation to the animals by December 31st for your 2011 taxes!

We Can't Thank You Enough...


It means the world to us to have your support!  The more help you give, the more we can do for our furry friends.  There are so many who need our help. 



Thank you so much for supporting our mission:

Helping Animals Live On.

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