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Chihuahua Overpopulation




Fair Chihuahua Lady of Cuteness and Adoptability


"Hello, my name is Betty. I'm a one year old Chihuahua mix who was found as a stray with my five puppies. It was hard to keep them safe out on the street but I did a great job. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control took us off of the dangerous streets, but they had so many animals and not enough room to care for us.  I was very scared because I feared the worst.  Animals that aren't ready for immediate adoption are so often euthanized. Thank goodness for HALO!



A couple days later I found myself in the lap of luxury...I think she said she was my HALO foster mom! Now, all my puppies are weaned and have their own homes, and so I'm looking for mine, too!"


We are so glad we were able to save Betty and her little pups. Many people who buy that cute little Chihuahua puppy from the pet store aren't aware that Chihuahuas are the second most common breed in Maricopa County's shelter system. Right now, about 40% of HALO's adoptable dogs are Chi's or Chi mixes!

Unfortunately, there are so many Chihuahuas like Betty in the Phoenix area that we can't yet save them all.  But we're working on it!  Every day we strive to be the safety net for more dogs and cats than the day before.  These little guys are highly adoptable...Chihuahuas are like potato chips: you can't have just one! 


 Cotton the Chihuahua is not amused by potato chip jokes. 


See a video about Chihuahua overpopulation produced for HALO by Beth Lockhart, one of our amazing volunteers.  Thank you Beth!



There sure are a lot of adorable Chihuahua faces at the HALO shelter.  Sometimes it feels like we're in munchkinland...




See all of the adoptable dogs! 

It's Our Birthday!



Summer is a tough time for the homeless animals in Phoenix. The shelters overflow with unwanted dogs and cats, and thousands of them end up being euthanized…especially the adult animals.


Animals over a year old often feel the extra pain of pet overpopulation in the summer months.  Not only are the shelters even more crowded, but with so many cute little puppies and kittens, adults are often overlooked by adopters as well. That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate our 17th birthday by offering $17 adult dogs and waived-fee adult cats for a full 17 days.


Although the adoption fees are reduced, the care for the animals has not been. Every pet has been spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed. Also, all cats have tested negative for FELV and cats over six months of age have also tested negative for FIV.


Adult cats and dogs make great pets. There’s nothing like the grateful and knowing look on an adult dog’s face as it looks into its owner’s eyes.. and some already know how to sit!


Driving Miss Doggie...



Vroom!  HALO has New Transportation


Our two vans just weren't cutting it.  If we needed to use one of the vans to go pick up new animals saved from euthanasia, we might have to wait for the van to return from going to the vet clinic, the store, the mechanic, etc.  We couldn't work as quickly as we wanted to, with only two vans providing the transportation needs for 250+ animals.


Now we have four vans!


We recently received two additional vans to use for transporting animals.  Woo hoo!  Our new (used) vans take the animals where they need to go, comfortably and safely.  AC vents in the back ensure that they don't get too warm.


What generous entity would do such a great thing for the animals?  Get all the details in our next E-newsletter...but here's a hint:  it kind of rhymes with "jumpstart batteries."

Our Greatest Current Need



 We need ceramic food bowls! 


Our ceramic food bowl supply has severely dwindled.  Nowadays, these two bowls in the photo above have become a rare and beautiful thing at the shelter.


We have lots of kittens right now, and it's better to use ceramic bowls for their food and water.  Many are the light metal food bowls that have been spilled in the wake of a crazed kitten or puppy "being playful."


Ceramic bowls will keep their cages cleaner and drier. We need about 200 flat-bottomed pet bowls that won't tip over, 16 oz or larger, in order to have enough to go around.


Will you help?


If you would like to have some shipped to the shelter, here are some of the many online merchants who sell the ceramic bowls:


Petco.com (5" or larger)

Walmart.com (only the 5" and 7.5")

   Our shelter's address is 5231 N. 35th Ave. in Phoenix, 85017. 

Otherwise you could always drop some off at the shelter so we can thank you in person, or make a donation on our website.  Just put "bowls" in the comments section.  If we are lucky enough to receive more than the cost of the bowls we need, any remaining will go toward the cost of medication, vaccines, and other necessities for the animals! 



Thank you so much for helping us get better bowls for these guys!



P.S. Thank you all so much for coming together to get us the cleaning carts we needed!  You are amazing!  Here's one of them, already in use.



Thank you for supporting our mission of Helping Animals Live On.

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