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Update on HALO Dog Justice, Now Named Zoey




This is Justice, a dog that HALO saved in October of 2011.  She was in danger of being euthanized for having a cough and a runny nose.  We couldn't let that happen to this sweet girl.  After a few weeks of TLC and some antibiotics, she was right as rain and ready to go to her new forever home. 


Justice's new mom sent us the sweetest email, so we thought we'd share it with all you HALO fans.  Her story and its happy ending are the reasons we all do what we do for our furry friends!


"I adopted Justice (now named Zoey), a one-year-old Chihuahua mix from the HALO shelter on Thanksgiving weekend of 2011. I had made two trips out there from Tempe. I also went to another shelter, but I knew that Zoey was "the one". She has been the sweetest, most playful, smart, and lovable little baby girl. I'm so glad that I got her I was so worried that someone else had adopted her before I arrived the second time to take her home.  Everyone at HALO was kind and caring.  I have only good things to say about them."


      Crystal (Zoey's mom)


On the Catwalk

This time of year, just before the beginning of kitten season, HALO's cat section is full of adult cats needing new homes. 


We have so many lovely adult kitties right now, but the ones below are trying to get their paws in the door in the highly competitive field of cat modeling.  These little hams love to strut their stuff, and their egos are huge... so please fancy feast your eyes upon them.













Upcoming Events









Event Results



The HALO Angels Team raised $2,850 for the animals at the People Saving Pets Walk.  The weather was great, the dogs were cute, and it was a fun time!


Thank you to the volunteers who came to the event and thank you to the team members for helping to raise funds for the dogs and cats!  Great job!










Thank you to MINI North Scottsdale for hosting HALO and some of our adoptable doggies at their Rescue Weekend event!  Three dogs found their forever homes!  Here's HALO dog Chloe with her wonderful new owner:



"Ruff-Ruff" Raffle


Current Raffle Prizes:




A Round of Golf for Two

at the Eagle Mountain Golf Club



Buy a raffle ticket today for only $5!






Two Tickets to a Classics Concert

at the Phoenix Symphony





Buy a raffle ticket today for only $5!








Thank you for your support of our Mission:

Helping Animals Live On.

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