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Kitten Season in Full Swing


Welcome to the HALO Animal Rescue...



Kitten Season Swimsuit Issue


Here are a few of the cute fuzzy babies that are making HALO their temporary home this summer.  Maybe they aren't exactly wearing swimsuits, but these little guys are the eye candy of summer here at the shelter. 


This is a great time of year to adopt a kitten because we have so many little sweeties to choose from!








We love all our little guys, but we want them out!  They get lots of love here, but nothing compares to home sweet home. Take a look at all the kitties we currently have up for adoption.  These aren't the only kittens who know how to strike a pose!


"Is that your head, or a ball of yarn?"

10% Going to the Animals



From now until September 30th, Jusani Culture is donating 10% of their proceeds to HALO Animal Rescue!  Their t-shirts for men, women, and pets are made from organic cotton and ethically manufactured.


Leave a Legacy of Love




HALO Animal Rescue is one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in Arizona.  We are very careful and efficient with donated funds, saving the lives of many animals with a small budget.  In 2010, with a budget of under 1 million, we saved 2,584 animals, most of whom were in danger of being euthanized at our county’s shelters.  After they are saved, every dog and cat is vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and treated for any medical issues, and then placed into loving forever homes.


HALO Animal Rescue's mission is Helping Animals Live On.  You can play a major role in the battle to end pet homelessness and euthanasia of adoptable pets by including a charitable gift to HALO in your estate planning.



A bequest to HALO will help ensure that we can continue to provide a safety net for dog and cats who have no one else to protect them.  Animals who may be hours away from euthanasia just for being sick, too scared, or too young.



Here's what one generous individual who has chosen to include a gift to the animals in her trust had to say:


"I’ve never been without an animal, ever since I was a kid we used to collect dogs and cats like crazy.  I wanted a tax exempt organization that could get the full benefit of my gift.  When I saw this was local no kill organization I thought, that’s what I want to contribute to!"



 For more information about including HALO in your estate planning, please email supporter@halorescue.org or call 602-971-9222 ext.110

Our Greatest Current Need



 We need two cleaning carts! 

We are collecting donations to purchase two of these carts for the cat section.


Every morning, each animal's kennel is thoroughly cleaned and they are given food, water, fresh litter, a clean bed, toys, and love too, of course!  


As of now, the cat staff and volunteers have to walk back and forth between where the food is stored, back to the sink, back to the kennel, to and fro over and over.  The morning cleaning would be much quicker with a cleaning cart to keep the supplies close at hand.  Each cart can hold the fresh food, clean litter, cleaning products, and other supplies the animal care staff and volunteers need to do the job.  The faster they can clean, the more efficient we are and the more animals we can save.


If you would like to contribute to the cleaning cart fund so we can speed things up,

make a donation towards the carts fund online

(write "cleaning cart" in the Comments section)


(If we are lucky enough to receive more than the cost of the carts, any remaining will go toward the cost of medication, vaccines, and other necessities for the animals!)


Thank you for supporting our mission of Helping Animals Live On.

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