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Come to Bets for Pets and play to win fabulous prizes!  All proceeds benefit the homeless dogs and cats at HALO Animal Rescue.


Poker Tournament:


Only $50 to enter!  This is the real deal, a professionally managed No-Limit Texas Hold ’Em poker tournament with casino style tables and expert dealers.  Cheap buy-in, great prizes!  Call 602-971-9222 ext 110 to sign up by May 10th.


1st Prize: Luxury Phoenix Staycation

2nd Prize: Spa Day Getaway

3rd Prize: Date Night Package




Only $1 to play!  Win Gift Cards to the Cheesecake Factory, free hotel stays, passes to Phoenix Botanical Garden and the Phoenix Zoo, a Phoenix Coyotes Signed Photo, gift baskets and more!


Games include:

Collar and Tag Ring Toss

Spin and Save

Meow Bingo

Dog Food Knockdown

Burst Your Bubble


Do you know of an animal-loving company or business who might want to sponsor a poker table at the event?  The company gets inexpensive publicity, HALO saves more animals... everyone wins! 


2 Poker Table Sponsorships are still available!  Email Shelly for more information: shelly@halorescue.org



If you want to play in the poker tournament, don't forget to register and pay by calling 602-971-9222 ext 110 by May 10th.   If you want to come to play the $1 games, then just head over on the 20th, we'll be there!  :)




Is Your Chihuahua Star Material?  Get Your Entries In!



Your Chihuahua’s photo could be selected to be on the front cover of Chihuahua Connection Magazine!


Don’t forget to enter your fabulous Chihuahua (or mix) into our contest.  The contest is over on April 1st, so you only have a week left to enter! 


For each $10 donation to HALO Animal Rescue, your Chihuahua will get a chance to win.  Donate $50 for six chances to win, or $100 for 15 chances! 


The rules are simple:  

  • Sign-up time is now!! On April 1st 2011 the winner will be randomly selected. The winner will be featured on the June cover of Chihuahua Connection Magazine. He/She will also be featured inside the magazine with a story and more photos!
  • Please, photos of dogs only, no people in the photos. The prominent dog in the photo must be a Chihuahua or mix.
  • High-quality, high-resolution photos only, please!  We will be unable to select a photo that is too dark, blurry, etc.
  • This is a great way to have bragging rights and make your dog a STAR!!  If selected, your dog will be featured on the front cover of the June issue of Chihuahua Connection Magazine.

How to Enter and Submit your Photo:

  1. Send your Star Chihuahua’s photo to shelly@halorescue.org.  Be sure to include your first and last name, and of course the name of your beautiful Chihuahua!
  2. Make a donation to HALO  in denominations of $10 towards the care of the dogs and cats looking for their forever homes at HALO Animal Rescue.  Remember, for each $10 you donate, your Chihuahua will get another chance to win.  Donate $50 for six chances to win, or $100 for 15 chances!  Make sure to write “Chihuahua Contest” in the notes/instructions section in PayPal.

The idea is to have fun and help HALO save dogs and cats in danger of euthanasia.   Thanks and be sure and let your Chihuahua & Chihuahua-Mix loving friends know about our contest!  Anyone can enter!

Kittens, kittens, kittens!


How many kittens as cute as me have you seen this year…or EVER?


My name is Zeke.  I am only three weeks old and I was abandoned in a box outside of a store with my brothers and sisters.  Luckily HALO took us in, and one of their most dedicated fosters agreed to bottle-feed me and my siblings.


Being so tiny, my personality is still developing.  But I’m already turning into quite the mover and shaker.  My tiny little legs can scoot me across the floor surprisingly quickly! 


I also am the most vocal of my siblings, always answering questions in my Litter Box 101 class, “mew mew mew!” 


There are more like me coming!  Kitten season is just beginning, and soon HALO will be overrun, because we have so many stray cats in our community and because people don’t get their cats spayed and neutered.


Help HALO care for all the kittens coming their way



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