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Let's save more in 2011!  4 Days Left to Make a Year-End Gift to the Animals at HALO





It's a great time to look back on a year of work and be proud of what we’ve accomplished.


This year HALO has saved may different animals which have many different stories.  Here is just one of them, a lab/pointer mix named Theodore who we saved this month:


 “Hello, my name is Theodore. I am one very special and lucky boy.  My tale is very sad but at least it is my past and HALO has given me a better future. I was rescued from one of Phoenix's many canals, struggling to stay above water. I swam and swam and tried to climb out, but I just kept slipping back in and kept getting more and more exhausted.  I remember being so scared and cold. Just in time, some humans saw me and pulled me out.  My feet were bleeding and in so much pain and I was deep in shock when they saw me. I was taken to another shelter and stayed there for a few nights, but after that, they sent out a special plea to area no-kill shelters saying that my time was running out there. 

      Thank goodness, HALO could not bear to turn me away. My nails were worn back to the quick during my ordeal in the canal and may or may not ever grow back, but the cuts in between my toes are starting to heal and I'm starting to enjoy the little things in life again. HALO treated my cuts and also an intestinal parasite that I picked up either before or while I was in the canal and now I am steadily gaining weight.  I was very scared, but now I am in a foster home with HALO where I can heal and learn what it’s like to be a normal dog with a nice family.  Then I just have to wait to find a family of my very own who can love me forever!” 



 Some of our animals’ stories are unusual, like Theodore’s. But sadly, there are some stories that we see time and time again.  Miles, a sweet adult gray and white kitty, was on the euthanasia list simply for having a cold.  All we had to give him in order to save his life was a warm safe place to stay and a week or two of antibiotics!  Cats and dogs just like him are euthanized in great numbers every month in Maricopa County, and every week at HALO we save as many as we can. 


 This year we are so proud of how many we have saved so without further ado:


Total number of adoptions for 2010 as of today…drumroll please…




And we still have four more days until the end of the year!  J


Our Goal for 2011: 3,100 adoptions!



Your support has meant a lot to us, and just keeping people in the loop about the challenges facing animals in our County is half the battle.  The other half is the important work of saving homeless cats and dogs, taking care of them, and finding them loving forever homes.  In 2011 our goal is to save 20% more than we did this year.  But our limited resources restrict the number of animals we can save, as we receive no government funding.  That’s why we’re asking for your help.



All of the dogs and cats we’ve saved this year are special to us and it is our passion to make sure they get the love and care they deserve. 


Will you help us save even more in 2011?


Make a donation now to SAVE LIVES!



It’s a great time to make your last minute charitable contributions for your 2010 taxes, too!  Write “Year-End Gift” in the notes section on Paypal and we’ll be sure to rush your donation receipt so you have them for your taxes as soon as possible.







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