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You're Invited!


$10 Microchips July 24th 11am to 5pm

Come to our shelter, located at 5231 North 35th Avenue to get your $10 chip 



Did You Know?

In Maricopa County shelters

<1% of stray cats are reclaimed by their owners!

9% of stray dogs are reclaimed by their owners!


Your pet's best chance at being returned home is a microchip with current registration


What is a microchip?

This tiny device is injected under your pet's skin just like a vaccine.  It contains a code number that is unique to your pet.  The microchip company keeps your name, address and phone number(s) in their database.  If your pet is lost and is scanned at any shelter or veterinary hospital they will be able to contact you and reunite you with your pet.  It is also critical in assisting hospitals with making treatment plans in the event that your pet is injured. As an unidentified stray, your pet may not receive the same level of care it would if it had a microchip and you or your emergency contact could be reached quickly.


 It is critical to keep your registration information up to date with the microchip company so they can contact you should your pet be found as a stray.  A microchip is only as useful as the information registered to it.  


Does it hurt my pet?

No, not any more than a vaccine does.


Are there any side effects?

No although some animals bleed a small amount from the injection site and may develop a small scab that goes away within a week.


How long does it take?

It will take you longer to fill out the registration form (1 page) than it will for us to insert the chip.


Do I need an appointment?

No. Come in any day from 11am to 5pm.


Is there a limit to how many pets of mine you will chip?

No. We recommend you chip them ALL, including "indoor only" cats as they are the least likely to be wearing a collar and ID tag, are terrified when they find themselves outdoors and do not have "street smarts" like indoor/outdoor cats do (remeber the less than 1% chance your cat has to get back to you once it enters the shelter as a stray!).


How much is the registration?

The registration is included with the cost of the chip.


Why is it so cheap here compared to other places that offer chips?

The product is the same as you'd receive elsewhere for a higher cost. We feel it is so important to provide microchips to pets to give them the best chance to get home, we're willing to reduce our fees to make it more affordable for as many pet owners as possible.




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