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We Need to Come Clean About Something...



We're "Behind" On Our Laundry and Need Your Help!


It’s not often that we come to you with an immediate and urgent need for help.


Today is different and a small cash donation from you could make all the difference to us.


Right now, we are caring for more than 150 dogs and cats. We are proud to tell you that EVERY DAY, every pet gets clean and comfortable towels, blankets, sheets or pet beds. That means we do a LOT of laundry – more than 12 loads every single day. Not very glamorous, we know, but we are happy to do it for the comfort of the animals.


Yesterday, our dryer broke and it is beyond repair.  We can’t tell you how old it is because it was used when we got it more than a year-and-a-half ago.


The cost for a new dryer simply isn’t in our budget right now. Lately, we have had more than our fair share of wounded animals coming in needing medical attention and puppies and kittens needing expensive formula. We weren’t planning on making a large purchase like this right now.


Won’t you please help us?


A small donation of whatever you can afford, put together with your fellow HALO supporters' small donations, will add up to enough money to purchase a new dryer. If more donations come in than we need for this purchase, rest assured that we will put your donation to good use to buy other much-needed items, such as formula for the dozens of kittens we are currently nursing, or large, fold-down crates for the dogs.


Thank you for your support.

We hope we can count on you to Donate Now.



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