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It Makes No Difference Who You Are....

....as long as you'll love me unlike my last family.  Hi, I'm Lavender, and I'm a Cocker Spaniel. I was wishing upon a star every night that my Prince Charming would come rescue me.  My life wasn't even close to a happy fairytale. 


My story shows how important HALO's Emergency Medical Funds are:


When my friends at HALO saw me they could tell that I probably spent several years producing puppies for someone and that I lived outside.  As you can see by my "before" pictures I am covered in mats. What you can't see from these pictures are the ticks, the rotten teeth and the mammary tumors I have.  All my years of service and dedication to my humans landed me in the County Shelter, homeless and afraid. 


For years I wished upon every star that I saw in the skies that someone would come save me.  I thought my wishes had come true when we went for a car ride one day. I thought we were going to finally get my hair washed and get the bugs off of me, but instead I was left behind at the County shelter.  I needed more medical care than they could provide.  For many dogs and cats, that's the end of the road, but luckily for me, HALO partners with Animal Control and helps dogs just like me get a second chance, or in my case, the first chance to live a happy, healthy and loved life!  HALO bathed and groomed me, took me to the doggie dentist to have my teeth cleaned and the worst ones removed, had me spayed, and had my breast tumors removed (I got them from not being spayed). 


 I didn't realize that my Prince Charming was actually in the form of HALO's rescue team, but I now know that anything your heart desires will come to you.  Like a bolt of out the blue, fate steps in and sees you through, when you wish upon a star your dreams come true.


Please  click hereto make a gift to HALO's Emergency Medical Funds to help dogs and cats like me find their Prince Charming!

 Help Us Chase Our Dreams!

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