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Were You Lost In Peaceful Dreams at 6AM Today?

Chances are, you were cozy in bed at 6AM this morning, and if not, you were likely showering, brushing your teeth or starting the coffee pot. 


For dogs and cats in Phoenix shelters, 6AM is, to put it lightly, the final curtain call.


In the YouTube video linked below, you'll see what a day in the life of a shelter animal is like in Phoenix.  Only half of the dogs and cats that enter Valley shelters leave alive.  For a pit bull or a mix of that breed, the chances are only one in four.  In the video, we do not show an animal being killed; even for us, it is too real, too traumatic and the message can be delivered without that act being filmed.  We hope that you will take the time to watch this video, and you will then send it on to every person you know. 


 Our hope is that the raw truth will empower each and every one of you to make the small changes in life necessary to stop the killing. 


4 simple life-saving steps

1. Keep your animal from breeding

2. Commit to your pet for life

3. Help others do the same

4. Support HALO's mission of Helping Animals Live On


Life is within your reach.


Click here to watch the video


Aniya, scared in a large facility, now flourishes at HALO's shelter while awaiting a new family

Click here to see more adoptable dogs like her


It's Will Be a Beautiful Morning For This Brood

Meet Viva, a gorgeous Australian Shepherd surrendered to Animal Control just a few days ago.  Viva didn't come alone, she brought her 7 children with her!  These darling babies are safe and sound with HALO while they spend the next six weeks growing and filling our shelter with the intoxicating smell of puppy breath. 


Viva's plea photo from Animal Control sent out to local rescue partners in hopes of finding a safe place for her and her babies to grow


Thanks to HALO supporters like you, we're able to help Viva and her bunch along with 2,500 other homeless dogs and cats in the Valley this year. 


Click here to support Viva and dogs just like her in need


These puppies will be available for adoption in December. Email us for more information.

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