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Pourin' On the Puppy Dog Eyes!

What were we supposed to do when we saw this picture via email, delete it?


No way!  Now we'll admit, we can't save all the pups that come our way via email pleas, but Autumn's big brown eyes and upturned, hurt paw drew us in like fish to water. 


Click here to watch a video of her walk before her surgery


Autumn was on the euthanasia list at Animal Control due to an unknown "injury" to her front right leg.  The AZ Humane Society took her to their shelter to see what they could do for her since Animal Control doesn't have an x-ray machine. Upon seeing the x-rays of her leg and chest they decided they would not put her up for adoption because they thought she had an enlarged heart.  HALO had seen the email go out for Autumn and had just missed picking her up from Animal Control so we called the AZ Humane Society to check on her.  They gave us the news about her impending euthanasia and so we agreed to take her to our vet to get another look.  We felt that even if she had an enlarged heart, her personality was so A+ that we wanted to give her a chance even if she would end up living a shortened lifespan due to her heart troubles and we were willing to take the risk to put her under anesthesia to remove her limb.


Autumn went to see Dr. Young and Dr. Campanile at Companion Pet Clinic.  Both doctors agreed that she did not have an enlarged heart, she did not have any fractures and that her leg suffered nerve damage and needed to be removed so she could regain her normal exercise route and get on with the life she'd been held back from for likely many months!  They both think she's totally normal and will life a long healthy life!


It has been about a week since Autumn received the amuptation surgery.  This girl is feeling her oats!  As you can see in the picture below, her face is a little blurry.  That's because it is near impossible to get her to hold still long enough to get a good picture! She just wants to run to you and hug and kiss.  She's obviously a romantic.  Maybe we should have named her Juliet.


As you can imagine, her medical costs were hefty.  Her care so far has been about $750 between x-rays, blood work, surgeries and healing mediation. 


If you'd like to donate to Autumn's care please click here!


Click here to see a video of how well she's doing today!


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