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Two Darling Girls Love Their Humans Anyway

Tidbit                                        Butterscotch



Meet Tidbit on the left and Butterscotch on the right.  They wanted us to tell you their story.


Tidbit has a back leg that's a little goofy.  She had a fracture that didn't get repaired properly. Now, we won't be overly dramatic and say someone kicked her and let her suffer since we don't know that to be the case, but somehow this 4 pound peanut broke a bone in her leg and whoever had her was either unwilling or unable to heal the leg properly. The good news is it doesn't hurt her and her doctor said she doesn't need it repaired and she can go up for adoption. She's ready when you are! 

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Butterscotch is another mystery case.  As you can see in her photo below, she's got a large wound on her back and on her ear. Ouch!! The doctors are unsure how it happened but it appears to be a burn of some type; either from the underside of a hot car or a chemical burn possibly. We got her from The Arizona Humane Society's shelter as they asked us to help her. She has now begun taking antibiotics and pain medication.  We're happy to keep her at the shelter until she heals, but Butterscotch has said she'd rather go to a cozy home. After all, she'll heal faster in a nice home than in a busy shelter.  She weighs 10 pounds and we believe she is a Spaniel mix.  If you'd consider taking Butterscotch home, let us know! 

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Tidbit's Long and Skinny Leg             Butterscotch's Ouchie Wounds

Update for Velvet's Fans!

Day 3-The Cleanup Continues and Velvet begins to *smile*

Even after 15 years in animal welfare, we learned something new with Velvet: It takes DAYS and DAYS to get 10,000 ticks off!  Don't worry, we're taking precautions so our shelter doesn't become a scene from a horror movie with bugs crawling everywhere!  Velvet has tested negative for Tick Fever so far but she is on medication just in case.  Her blood work looks remarkably good considering what she's been through.  Now we just hope Velvet likes cats, because if she does, she gets a new home really soon!  Yippee!!


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Velvet says Thank you!

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