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How Many Pennies Fill a 5 Gallon Jug?

Carolyn-Jack's Wife, and family friends along with

Heather Allen, HALO President/CEO and ChaCha-Heather's dog


In late July 2009, Jack Larimer was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  It was quite a blow to his friends and family and his 4 cherished house cats.  Jack was give six months, but sadly passed away only two weeks after diagnosis from a secondary infection.  During his life Jack always had a 5 gallon water jug that he threw his pocket change in.  One of Jack's challenges to himself was to fill the jug with pennies, just for fun, and then use the money for whatever his heart desired when it was full.  On two occasions Jack's pennies were pilfered.  Jack's penny jug was only about 1/4 full when he was diagnosed.  His friends and family decided they'd help Jack fulfill his wish and set out to fill the jug.  Being an avid cat lover, Jack  wanted the money to go to a local animal welfare agency. This is where HALO came in to the picture!  Jack's family gathered enough pennies (and other coins and cash) to fill the 5 gallon jug plus a few other jars as well.  It was quite a task to get the jug to the shelter as it weighed almost 200 pounds!


So can you guess how much money one of these jugs holds? 



Jack's Pennies from Heaven are now being put to the use he would have wanted:

Helping Animals Live On


If you've got a special occasion coming up or would like to commemorate the life of a special someone, let us know


Just ask Jack's family; providing pennies to charity doesn't take a lot of effort (other than muscle power!) but it adds up to big help to the animals.


Cha Cha says she'll sit and stay if you

help her homeless friends!


You Can Call Me Tanner Now!

Zeke-relaxing in his cage while his new Mom fills

out his adoption paperwork


Three cheers for Zeke!


Zeke, now known as Tanner, was adopted last week after a few months of rehab at our shelter and at Dr Capwell's office. Many of you remember that Zeke came to us in late June after having what appeared to be a firecracker explode in his rear end.  The victim of a heartless prankster.


Zeke was in excruciating pain, but through it all, remained a sweet boy and even drooled like a teething infant when you gave him a good chin scratching.  Zeke's road to recover was a bit bumpy as his burns were scarring, causing constriction of his rectal tissue.  Lucky for Zeke, Dr Capwell was willing to give him a chance and performed a life-saving surgery, a skin graft to be exact, to remove the scarred, constricted skin and replace it with healthy tissue so his poopy problems are gone.  Whodathunk we'd get so excited over a cat pooping normal?!  After a week at the doctor's hospital Zeke was given the green light to be adopted. 

We heard from his new Mom just today and she has let us know that Zeke, now Tanner, is doing great and is adjusting well to his new cat friends and family.


Help us celebrate Zeke's success by sponsoring one of our animals currently receiving care at our shelter or in one of our loving foster homes.


Zeke-in his carrier and ready for take off

to his new family!


Zeke sends a special shout out to Dr Barbara Capwell at Gentle Care Animal Hospital

Calling All Pitbull Owners!

Time is Limited-Act Now!

Did you know there is a Free spay and neuter program for pitbull and pitbull mixes in Maricopa County?


No strings attached!


Pits and pit mixes are the #1 breed killed in local shelters


Please don't let your dog contribute to this staggering statistic. Now thru October 31, 2009, pitbulls and pitbull mixes can be fixed for free at dozens of local veterinary hospitals


Click here for more information and a list of participating clinics


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