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Queen of Ticks-A Title She'd Like to Do Away With

Velvet, loaded with ticks, minutes after arriving at HALO's Shelter.  The dark areas you see are ALL ticks. She is actually a beautiful cream color.



Every girl wants to be queen, at least for one day, but Velvet never wanted the crown she was given.  It is not exactly glamorous to be the Queen of Tickville.  This angel of a dog was surrendered to Animal Control as a stray.  We don't have any idea how long she has suffered this way, but it has been long enough to make her skin inflammed and infected, not to mention painful and her gums ghostly white. As a conservative estimate, we'd guess she has over 10,000 ticks on her; no joke.  It took 6 staff members armed with flea combs, tweezers and bowls of alcohol (to drown the ticks in) well over an hour to even begin to make a dent in removing the ticks from her body. Each ear had over 200 on the inside flap alone (although we've spared you the close up photo of that)! 


A plea went out for her yesterday asking a rescue agency to help her.  The blood work, medication, time consuming grooming and rehabilitation work she will need to restore her health due to anemia and possibly tick fever is beyond the scope of what Animal Control can provide her.  That is why HALO has a relationship with them; to help the ones that need that little extra nudge, like Velvet. 


HALO President, Heather Allen, along with Animal Care Specialists Lauren, Kristin and Melody give Velvet the attention she's desperately needed for a long time


Please help us provide the medical care that Velvet, and dogs like her, need!


Your tax deductible donation will be used wisely and will help us continue


Helping Animals Live On


After all, that is our motto, our mission and the force that drives us to continue in the face of tragedies like Velvet


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