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Come Party With Us and Find Your Next Friend for $15!


Come celebrate with us!

It is HALO's 15th Birthday so it is time to party!


Saturday August 15th, 2009

11AM to 5PM


5231 North 35th Avenue

(602) 971-9222


All Adoption fees are only $15

Over 125 pets to choose from!

offer available on all animals ready for adoption on 8/15/09

One $15 adoption per household

Valid 8/15/09 11AM to 5PM only


Zeke's Update

Look how handsome he is!!


Most of you probably remember Zeke, the kitty who was abused by someone who thought it would be funny to stick a firecracker in his rear end and light it.  We received emails from so many people who were outraged by the horrific treatment of Zeke and many have asked how he is doing, so here's a little update on his progress.


Zeke is still with us at our shelter.  He continues to heal from his wounds.  The scar tissue around his anus has left his skin a bit restricted which makes it hard for him to have a bowel movement.  Zeke will be undergoing an operation next week to have a skin graft "back there" to help replace the scar tissue with healthier, more flexible skin to help his potty troubles.  For now, we keep him comfortable with soft food and mineral oil.  He is still the most loving boy who just loves to get his chin scratched.  But watch out, when you make him happy with a massage he drooooooools.  He's just that happy!


We'll keep you all updated as Zeke progresses.  Think good kitty thoughts for Zeke next week!

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