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In This Issue:

  • Updates on Blanche, DeSoto, Samson and Sugar Magnolia
  • Meet Zeke-4th of July prank could have cost him his life
  • Rodney-A face only a mother could love?

Updates on Our Recent Special Cases

Remember Blanche?

Blanche came to us extremely matted and with rotten teeth.  She has since been all fixed up and has been adopted.  Here's what her new Mom has to say about her:

We are very thankful to have her. She is very sweet and just wants a lot of love and attention.



And DeSoto?

DeSoto needed his knee fixed; a common problem in small breed dogs.  DeSoto got the surgery he needed and has been adopted in to a fabulous home. Here is what his new Mom had to say about him:

For such a little dog DeSoto sure does snore!  I really wish I could send you a wave file cause it's absolutely hilareous! The sheet on the couch is his leopard print silk sheet that he loves to scratch around and make a nest out of. We were doing the laundry one day and laid it on the couch until we could fold it up and it's been his ever since. The bed in the corner of the couch is the one we bought for him but I guess he prefers silk so the cats inherited it.



And Samson?

This is the guy who was abandoned in a box in front of our shelter recently.  He was starving, severely matted as well and also had horribly infected teeth.  He had to have all his teeth removed except his fangs to make him able to eat again without pain.  He is doing so well he even eats dry cat food!  He has been adopted and is loving life in his new home. We don't have a quote from his new Mom but we know he loves his new castle!


And Who Could Forget Sugar Magnolia?

(in the middle)

This sweetheart has quite a fan club!  She had her surgery (see her bald knee?) on both knees and is lounging around in a foster home with her new dog pals while she's recovering.  She wanted us to thank all of you who supported her in her recovery!




A New Beginning for Zeke






Out of respect for those with a weak stomach, we'll spare you the more graphic pictures we have of Zeke's behind.  This boy was abandoned in front of our shelter in a carrier.  One staff member was leaving during the time that the car pulled in to dump Zeke off so we were able to get the license plate.  Unfortunately, it seems they are not the people responsible for committing such a heinous act as they said they found him in their backyard this way and didn't know what else to do with him other than leaving him at our front door after closing time.  Lucky for Zeke, staff saw him being abandoned and came to his side immediately.  When we removed him from the carrier, we here horrified at what we saw.


It appears that someone thought it would be funny to place an explosive firecracker in his rear end and light it.  Zeke's whiskers are curled from the flame, his coat had large chunks burned out and worst of all, his rectal area was badly burned.  We immediately called the police, who arrived and took photos and then traced the license plate of the car seen abandoning Zeke to their home.  They spoke to the individuals there and felt they were not the criminals so they essentially have a cold case.  Zeke is receiving medical care for his extensive burns and is in a great foster home with one of our dedicated staff members. Throughout his ordeal, he remains THE nicest boy and doesn't shy away from humans even after the way he has been treated.  Zeke will need another several weeks of foster care to completely heal from his burns but will be ready for a new home soon.  As you can imagine, the cost of his medical care is quite costly as he requires regular check ups and medication to help him heal. 


If you'd like to help Zeke please click here, call us or send your contribution with Zeke's name attached. 

Meet Rodney


Poor Rodney, he "can't get no respect"!  It seems that for the little bug-eyed guys like our Rodney here, sometimes admiration is hard to come by!  Some people are smitten with these little four-pound types and others just cringe, point and laugh.  Some people don't see the attraction to a dog with crooked eyes.  At HALO, we love them all, big and small, adorable and, uh um, beauty-challenged.  Our community is losing the fight to save the homeless animal population.  Dogs like Rodney.  Cats like Zeke.  These babies are lucky enough to be safe with HALO, but in the last two weeks alone (brace yourself) 1,708 homeless animals died in Valley shelters.  That's THIS Valley, this community, OUR community.  If you want this to change, please help us help them. 


We beg you to support those agencies, like HALO, who provide excellent medical care, who take saving the lives of the animals in our community very seriously and stretch every dollar to its fullest to touch as many lives as possible. 


Our adoptions have increased by over 40% from last year at this time and we want to do even MORE! We will not be content with our successes until they mean a safe place for ALL the animals in this community that have become homeless.  We know that is what you want too.


Please consider becoming a HALO Angel Club Member today.  For as little as $10 a month, you can help us significantly with our operational costs. 


Please make yourself part of the solution by donating, volunteering, fostering and advocating to stop the deaths of your animals in your community.  We're here to fight with you.

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