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Sugar Magnolia Hopes for Groovy Days Soon!


Hi, I'm Sugar Magnolia.  I'm going to tell you my story using some of the song titles from the Grateful Dead in hopes that I'll find a miracle ticket to get the vet care I need.


I came from a Brokedown Palace and was left at Animal Control.  The last thing I remember is my momma patting my head and saying Bye Bye Love. Being homeless and watching her walk away left me Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad.  'Why am I here?' I thought to myself. 


Person after person walked by my cage and passed me up.  I felt like I was being followed by a Box of Rain. I started to wonder if me being homeless was Nobody's Fault But Mine.  Then it happened! Brown-Eyed Women came by and said they'd take me!  Off to this great Promised Land called HALO Animal Rescue! 


When I got to HALO, everyone said "Hey Little One, rest easy, we'll take care of you".  When HALO took me to the Big Boss Man (that's my vet!) he said I needed knee surgery on BOTH of my knees!  Can't a girl get a break?  $700 is the cost to fix my knees but HALO says I'm worth every penny and then some!


So now, the Race Is On to collect the money we need to get me Dancing In The Street again!  Can you help me I Need A Miracle. 


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